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  1. Nigtmare


    wow I remember him and his dad coming to our races, way to young my condolences to the Blake family
  2. Nigtmare


    I think I have the twin of that boat
  3. Nigtmare

    Silent Engines Tom Driver

    My Condolences to the family R.I.P my friend
  4. I use this stuff https://www.truckspring.com/products/LocTite-Gasket-Maker-518__483627.aspx
  5. Nigtmare

    Gary Murcott

    that's to bad he loved his boats and his glass work (very talented man), he would take his shirt of his back for anyone. I'm in his district I don't see much posting from the club anymore so maybe his not missing anything. The politics have driven alot people away from the hobby
  6. Nigtmare

    Gary Murcott

    Thanks the the info Brian!!! Gary loved boats what put him off to drop them and do planes??
  7. Nigtmare

    Gary Murcott

    Anyone know if Gary still playing with toy boats ?
  8. Nigtmare

    Metime productions?

    go on youtube and search Metime productions all there videos were posted there
  9. what slicer are you using Christian? you can design the part let say 1/8 thick then use simplified 3d and put it @ 10% infill and the part will be hollow. I think if you use vase mode you can make it paper thin and use couple coats epoxy
  10. I have the Black widow highly modified extended frames bigger power supply and a better board it actually prints very well, maybe this winter I will print some front sponsors for a rigger or a cowl to see how it turns up
  11. I can print up to 24" so making sponsors for riggers wouldn't be any problems. even a tub I can make it in to two pieces and glue together. I have made 100s of parts for my ice cream trucks
  12. Nigtmare

    Boris Mazor passed away

    My condolences to the family, rest in peace my friend
  13. I got Harry's 45 crapshooter, one of the fastest boats around here ">http://
  14. Nigtmare

    "game changer" propellers

    are this the same props that were out in the market around 2004 or are they newer then that??