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  1. impba3548

    Joe Gas Rigga with a 29 Pioneer

    Steve, I have the series III since Februrary 2012 Joe builds a very nice and fast rigger thats for sure!
  2. impba3548

    Joe Gas Rigga with a 29 Pioneer

    I see Mikey already answered you, I have 2 1/2 of them, I wrecked one at LOTO shootout and am in the process of rebuilding it. The Tormach takes all my free time now so I dont get to the lake often anymore...
  3. impba3548

    Joe Gas Rigga with a 29 Pioneer

    Nice looking boat Mikey!! Looks very familiar too ha..... I Have run Joes boats many miles, they are super quick and never lost a cowl, all of mine have the original cowls on them, says a lot for the closed in rear section. I use homemade motor mount washers, the rear ones have an oring groove cut in the od of them for the cowl hold down orings, that has worked very well for several seasons.
  4. impba3548

    ** Eagle Over 100.00 mph Pics and Video **

    Holten pond is sure nice for this boat Phil, you will need to watch it in the turns with the straight fin though, Let me know how it goes tomorrow. mike sr
  5. impba3548

    ** Eagle Over 100.00 mph Pics and Video **

    I can reswedge that pipe if you need to go shorter, it sounded like it got to top rpm rather quickly. You will be talking Huntsville before long ha! Did you have any more coupler problems with the different fit on the header and pipe (noise and rotation). Maybe this is what we need to get the club going again.....
  6. If you figure all those out at once.. please let us all know!! Congratulations Phil!! On your 101 102 103 runs with your Eagle, I dont think it has even blown off yet either. I just wish I had gotten in on the fun! Maybe next week I can get out there with you guys...
  7. Most all of the runs I have checked with the gun and the gps, the readings will vary from dead on to about 2 to 3 tenths difference. Run to run mine vary about 2 to 5 tenths on the gps, I use it every run as its a gasser and there is room for it. The runs on the gasser were 87.9 and 88.3 the day the video was taken, its hard to break 90 when its 90 plus degrees. The gps will give an erronious reading on occasion but its usually way off, I never take just one reading, for a reading to count I usually take 3 or so. Phil and I just run for fun and mainly for speed, and the gps is a good tuning tool. Holten lake is 300 yards wide and about 850 yards long, approximately 44 acres of water, turtles, geese, ducks etc., all are expensive should you hit one! One good thing about the hot weather is there werent any fishermen that day ha!! Phil, the video of your boat proves that a blind man can take video ha, why they took the viewfinders off the cameras is beyond me, I cant see the screen outdoors.
  8. impba3548

    Model Boating's Elite 1983

    I remember these guys, I just found some pictures from the "Just add Wata" site on the East side of town. Indy was the club back in the day.......
  9. impba3548

    Prop Cupping

    Merry Christmas Mikey!! I havent been to the lake since about the first week of December, The interest falls off in the winter time, most of our guys that arent crazy stay home in rough weather ha!!
  10. impba3548

    Prop Cupping

    Double post, sorry..... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!!
  11. impba3548

    Prop Cupping

    I have used both Mark, the pliers and the hammer and ball, both work well but I can feel how much I move the prop better with the crescent than the pliers when I only want a very small amount, maybe its just my imagination ha! I clicked "follow this topic" hopefully it will send an email when a new post comes up. I dont see an email option?
  12. impba3548

    Prop Cupping

    I use a small crescent with the jaws polished and a piece of aluminum or leather against the prop face to keep from putting dings in it. The aluminum strip in the picture is a 5/8" wide strip of soda can bottom folded one time, works well.
  13. impba3548

    Tumble polishing - where have you been all my life !

    I use a 6" x 1/2" 2sfn wheel by 3M, it doesnt polish but leaves a matte finish, good enough for me and it takes about 45 minutes to cup balance and polish a prop. I used these wheels to polish the tarnish off stainless welds, they work really quick on bronze, and dont leave any scratches in the finish either. A repirator is required as well..........
  14. impba3548

    Flex shafts?

    I do this to my collet ends of the flex, 45% high temp silver solder, it cured the slipping problem for me.The soft solder tends to compress over time and lets the collet loosen up.
  15. impba3548

    IMG 3800

    Rigger stand