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  1. wingnut

    foam single step hydro

    Yup that's it! Thanks Grimracer.
  2. wingnut

    foam single step hydro

    I think Grims right. I was thinking it was designed to run indoors in a Olympic size pool.
  3. wingnut

    foam single step hydro

    Does anyone remember the single step foam hydroplane in rc boat modeler many moons ago. was thinking about building one for the pond down the street. my old mags are buried and wondered if someone had a link to the article somewhere? thanks in advance Carl
  4. wingnut

    whats it worth? :-)

    Eric, ya that was the first thing i noticed too. lol the intake looks different than stock. figured the guy worked on it .
  5. wingnut

    whats it worth? :-)

    IThanks for the reply Andy. Thats kinda what i was thinking . I figured we could get it going for him until the motor gives up and then find a newer mill. This would be his first real rc boat besides a few wind boats. It does look like a surface drive from the pics though.
  6. Hey guys, a friend is trying to buy a what looks to be a first gen seaducer 40 mono with all the hardware and a k&b .45. Supposedly everything is new but old. All the hardware is there and so is the radio box. I'm not sure of the motors condition, but lets say the motor is still good. What would it be worth? I was thinking around the 200-250 range. Any ideas?
  7. wingnut


    hitec 645 here too
  8. i will probably try the coleman fuel. just gotta find time to tear into the carb. tygon for coleman fuel too?
  9. sorry didnt see the post about all the carb parts. i'll have to pull it off . never rebuilt a carb before, first time for everything i guess
  10. welli got the bag done. worked just like you said. i went to change the diaphragm with the rebuild kit i had but the parts look different. holes were all in the same place but there was a few tabs the old one doesnt have. how specific are the carb parts? the engine is a mrd 4-e
  11. thanks, i'll give it a shot tonight
  12. thanks moparbarn. another Q for ya. how in the world do i get the brass fuel tube in the bag? its beyond tight. im sure you'd want it that way but theres gotta be a trick to it
  13. ok, so a few dumb questions. the diaphragm i take it is under the cover on top of the carb with the four screws? also the new bag i have has two outlets and the old one had 1 . can i leave the port they stick the needle in at the hospital and just place my fitting in the open one?
  14. so im wanting to get back into racing a bit and i'll probably start with my cracker to ease into it. i figured id go thru it and replace a few things. water and fuel lines. rx battery and spark plug. what else would u recommend i go thru. cable is lubed. pushrod seals are good. anything im missing? this is the first gas boat ive owned. any help would be great. thanks carl