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  1. herbn

    gaskets for OPS 45

    You have mail
  2. herbn

    gaskets for OPS 45

  3. herbn

    gaskets for OPS 45

    Looking to purchase gasket sets for OPS 45 engine. Could use three or four sets Thanks Herbn
  4. herbn

    Happy birthday Herb N

    Its not only the hips that have gone bad but thanks for the kind wishes anyway. Herb
  5. herbn

    Happy birthday Herb N

    Many thanks for your kind thoughts. Helps make my day.
  6. herbn

    Happy birthday Herb N

    Thanks Very Much for your kind thoughts.We are all well. Body is deteriorating but mind is still there. Trying to get Dave's son (age 12) interested in boating. How time flies. When are you guys going to race in Diserict 1. I for one - & many others miss the camaraderie of you guys. Lots of pleasant memories
  7. herbn

    Boris Mazor Gen I Flow Meter Questions

    E-mail the mfg - Boris Mazor directly bmazor@comcast.net I am sure he will answer all your questions. He is a very fine gentleman
  8. herbn

    Flow Meter

    None of you are reading the manual that Boris supplies. First of all - if you are using the latest gen 3 meter with 2 pumps - you do not have to pinch the line. All you have to do FOR EACH BOAT - is to run your boat until it is performing at its maximum - THEN WHEN YOU HAVE ACHIEVED THAT MAXIMUM RUN - flow the carb & the reading you get IS YOUR BASELINE READING. Thereafter - when you go to the pond to run again - flow the carb to that baseline reading & you will always be in the ballpark, Getting a reading from another boater is not really accurate as he might have a different carb & running different % of fuel than you do.
  9. herbn

    Flow Meter numbers

    It's one thing to have some sort of a starting number but you are working backwards. The best way to utilize this meter (I have one) is to put your boat in the water & play with the carb settings until your boat is running the way you want it to run. Then - once you are satisfied with the way it is running - flow the meter & get a reading. You now have your base setting matched to your engine. The next time you go out to run - before you start running - - flow the carb & adjust it to that base reading. I have a third channel needle on my carb & when we start running we flow the carb & adjust to that base setting & then give it a few clicks rich & then give final adjust while boat is running. This way you will really be in the money every time.
  10. herbn

    WTB - OPS 45 Bearing Housing

    Looking to buy new OPS 45 Bearing Housing. Anybody have one? Please list price wanted & shipping to NJ Thanks
  11. Sorry - sold pending receipt of payment. You were a few minutes too late in reply. I will keep your post on file if I do not complete sale Thanks Herb