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  1. Do you 3/16 stubbed flexs shafts at lease 28" long ?
  2. teddyd

    W.T.B. cowling and decals

    If Bert don't take , I'll take it, what are you asking for it...Is it carbon or fiberglass ?
  3. teddyd

    W.T.B. cowling and decals

    ok Phil...Get pic
  4. teddyd

    W.T.B. cowling and decals

    Looking to buy a full one piece or two piece full cowling and decals for 1/8 scale 1982 Gilmore Special. Cowling to fit an R.C. Boat Company 1/8 scale, same as 1972 U-77, Thanks , Teddy
  5. Teddy D. 1/8 Scale Sport 40 Thunderboat...…………..Thanks
  6. teddyd

    Looking for prop

    Im looking for a Bob Austin gasp prop....7017/3 HR...Teddy
  7. teddyd

    Looking for props

    Looking for a Bob Austin 7017/3 HR Thunderboat prop........Teddy
  8. teddyd

    T-6 experts

    It will also make the new U-13 Spirit Of Detroit. Formerly the U-7 ...We are working on the paint scheme for it.
  9. teddyd

    T-6 experts

    I believe it will make The Degree Man as well
  10. Hello Dave, Are the digital flow meters finish yet....Teddy
  11. teddyd

    Celina Summer Challenge XXVI

    Dan, I'm going to enter my Gas Scale, Thunderboat and 1/8 Scale for sure, I'm building and new Sport 40 and Gas Rigger......They are a maybe !
  12. teddyd

    1978 Indy Unlimited

    That boat owner was Ron Walker out of Detroit. That was the sister boat to John Bridges. I has the same boat but mines was twin screws built my Tim Ries.
  13. teddyd

    JAE A-Hydro for sale

    I'm selling this A-Hydro pro-built by Mike Walker, boat, engine and hardware is all brand new. Novarossi 12 5-port engine, strut assy, rudder assy, custom fuel tank, tuned pipe, header assy, 3rd needle assy, ant mount, power switch mount, 2 drive dogs, cowl, 2 servos Over $500.00 invested...Asking $350.00
  14. I must say the MCMBC put on a great race. I had great time racing and hanging out with my racing friends. I want to thank the club and Juice and Lynn for the great cd'ing !
  15. teddyd

    Tanks 2 U and Walt's Hobbies

    Can you sent me your mailing address, I want to sent you a tank pattern...Thanks