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  1. Looking for sponsons and Boom Tubes for a 45 SGX also a fuel tank
  2. Tracy Dolphin

    Tanks 2 U

    Hi Walt, I sent you a PM. Thanks
  3. Good Day Rigger Racers, I am in critcal need of 2 SGX 45 Sponsons and a Fuel Tank. I will pay for Express shipping. PM me or email me at revtekrm@gmail.com Thanks
  4. Tracy Dolphin

    Decals and scale parts for 1982 Executone

    Hi Darryl, Cool that you are still boating. Yes its very hard to stop. Glad to hear from you!!
  5. Hi Scale Folks, Been out of the Scale Game for a while. Trying to clean up my old scale. Can anyone tell me who is selling Decals and Scale parts( Driver, Fake Engine, etc.) now? Thanks
  6. Tracy Dolphin

    Picco 80's Twin Set

    Hey Chuck, Email me. Interested tdog@revtekinc.com
  7. Tracy Dolphin

    Special Eagle 90 SG-X RTR POWERFUL SOLD!!!

    Are you willing just to sell the hull/hardware only?
  8. Tracy Dolphin

    Silent Engines

    My Prayers go out to Stu and the Barr family
  9. Tracy Dolphin

    BM GEN-3A flow meter

    I will take one tdog@revtekinc.com
  10. Tracy Dolphin

    WTB MAC 67 cooling cap

    I have one from my old scale boat. Top not drilled
  11. Tracy Dolphin

    CMB 67 Single Plug Gold Head

    Can you send me some pics tdog@revtekinc.com
  12. Tracy Dolphin

    WTB or WTT: 67 Picco or 67CMB

    Thanks Charles
  13. Tracy Dolphin

    WTB or WTT: 67 Picco or 67CMB

    Hey Don, Ok Thanks I will hold on
  14. Tracy Dolphin

    A/A 67 and 84

    Hi Al, Any AA67's for sale? Been out of the country for a while.
  15. Tracy Dolphin

    F/S 67 Green head CMB With header

    Is really sold?