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  1. WTB: K&B outdrive:

    Hello Jesse,

    If you have PTO shafts that are loose I can rebuild then, just give them to John if he is going to be near the Hardware Store. Also, check out Ebay. They have a Dynaflite Butterfly kit for sale 2 days left at around 50.00.

    Let John know about it he was looking for a kit or plans & they may have them also.

    Chris--------------------P.M. when you get this message Thank You

  2. chriscarbon

    Irwin pipe

    Stan, I have a Irwin .21 outboard pipe like the one pictured if you still need one. Chris
  3. chriscarbon

    Mini Gold Cup - Sunday June 3rd, 2018

    Hello Mark, I would like to enter your race on Sunday. Gas Cat DSM Thunderboat DSM Thank You Chris Carboneau 16207
  4. chriscarbon

    2017 District 2 Challenge

    Hello Mike, I would like to enter the District 2 Challenge on September 17, at Spencer Park in Rochester Hills. Boat 1 Gas Cat DSM Color of boat Black Boat 2 Thunder Boat DSM Color of boat Green Chris Carboneau IMPBA 16207 Thank You.
  5. chriscarbon


    John, Check out the merlin that Insane boat has. It is strong and will stay together if your boat flips. It is a basic kit, However you can ad wires, paint. Chris
  6. chriscarbon

    D-2 50th running of the Mini Gold Cup

    Joe, I would like to enter the Mini Gold Cup with the following: Gas Cat DSM Thunderboat DSM Thank You, Chris Carboneau IMPBA 16207
  7. chriscarbon

    Have a great Birthday Steve Ball

    Happy birthday Steve have a good one or ------good many!!!
  8. chriscarbon

    Gus Dolsen

    Gus, Make sure you take your boat radio to rehab. Trigger finger and steering, then everything else should fall into place. Speedy recovery. Chris
  9. chriscarbon

    Rip Rick Risinger

    Rick and I had fun whatever we were doing. Pratice at the pond or at the races. Rest in Peace and Prayers for the family. Chris
  10. chriscarbon

    Bob Kirt Memorial Race

    Mike, Please sign me up for Gas Cat and Thunderboat both DSM. My e-mail isn't working very well i.e. returned, bad on my end. Thank You Chris Carboneau IMPBA 16207
  11. chriscarbon

    2016 "49th Annual Mini Gold Cup"

    Hello Joe, I have signed up for Thunder boat, and Gas Cat. Both are on DSM. Entry and check are in the mail. My e-mail isn't working a 100% so I am just letting you know. Thank You Chris Carboneau IMPBA 16207
  12. Dan, If you are to discharge to .9 v per cell the total discharge voltage for a 5 cell pack would be 4.5 volts. If you discharge lower than 4.5v for a 5 cell pack you will damage the battery pack. If you are intent on discharging for storage I would discharge to 1.0 volt per cell. That would be 5.0 volts per pack. When you are ready to use the battery be sure to cycle the pack a couple of times to make sure the battery has made it out of storage O.K. If you don't have enough Mah you may have an accident. The Life battery is a better option for our radios now. Chris
  13. chriscarbon

    Rebuilding Mac .21

    Mark, According to my notes the 6901 should be the right bearing. The dimensions should be 13-24-6mm. This is the same size as the K&B .21 with the 13mm crank. Hope this helps. Chris
  14. chriscarbon

    Happy Birthday Dan Kramer

    Happy birthday. Have a good day.
  15. chriscarbon

    Happy Birthday Garry Geiselman

    Have a great day. Let me know when to get the boats out....... Chris