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  1. gil sonsino

    KEPS TPL12 Frame Up

    Great project and let us know the progress,if it will run like Glenn's twin it will be a blast.Good luck Gill
  2. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    Yes David you won't regret as it does not interfere in the boat's performance at all,just a little flex like other boats equipped with carbon booms. Gill
  3. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    Guys after replaced the motor mount we did noticed some minor flex (torsion) in the hull but definetely nothing serious to get in trouble,that video is with the flex motor mount and the boat ran very smooth I can testify that no reinforcements are needed. Gill
  4. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    Thanks guys and yes Chris this is our place for heat and saw running despite the low water's level but with the begining of spring and summer coming up we will have the necessary rains to raise water. I would like to mention that we decided to swap the rigid motor mount for a flex one with very few mods,the rest remains original. Gill
  5. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    After the break in of the Picco 80 we tested the boat at our official site despite one of the wrost dry we are facing in years .For the owner its ok and the boat returns to water only for our vintage event that will be held in december..........here the last video.Thanks for watching Gill
  6. gil sonsino

    And The Testing Continues

    Just to say impressive! Gill
  7. gil sonsino

    OPS Collectors

    I'm trying to find an italian article in the bibliografy I have collected over the last thirty five years where they mentioned a round nose boat equipped with this engine hit 180km/h...hope to have more time to post it! In the 70's we used to run our OPS's with those Perry's carburetors to solve the problem of the needles breaking under vibration on the ops carbs. Gill
  8. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

  9. gil sonsino

    1 gal custom racing fuel cell

    Very nice John loved it!
  10. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    Agreed Timwhalen we also were lucky with Picco's rods but the RPM's were nice products and their rods very good. Thanks Gill
  11. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    Thanks David yes for the very first tank after 25 years I think my friend is pretty happy to see his toy working.The lake is in a private club good enough for testing but we use to race in another site . Gill
  12. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    Today we finally could send the boat to water and for its maiden I think everything worked good.The Sg turnfin keeps the boat on rails and despite the small prop used for the break in I think this beauty has more to offer so more tests will happen soon.As the owner is very conservative about high percentage of nitro the boat was tested using only 20% nitro fuel and I can say he's happy for the moment.We hope to finish the break in in the next weeks if weather helps and test better props.Gill https://youtu.be/C1FSOxGtBZA
  13. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    Bob its a Piranha for sure and beautifull boat.We also are looking forward to see the boat running and wish to get a video in a few days.I asked the owner about the booklet instructions and he brought it to my workshop yesterday..absolutely original!
  14. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    Hi just a quick update .....we couldn't test the boat yet but if the weather forecast is correct next week boat goes to water.Thanks Gill
  15. gil sonsino

    Piranha rigger

    Bradley you are right I also couldn't find any good video but tomorrow I hope to get a good one.David 20 years of storage in the tropics can be tough on brass...look at the nipples and carb fortunetely nothing serious and today we already test the engine and I guess this boat will turn heads at the lake. Thanks Gill