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  1. Brian Sorgente

    WTB: 3.5 Outdrive for K&B

    John Otto sells a nice unit as well. https://www.technologyhobbiesinc.com/product-p/35propassembly.htm
  2. Brian Sorgente

    Mc Coy MC-8 plug

    I’ll take these.
  3. Brian Sorgente

    2 x Novarossi 35plus outboard engines

    Jamie, Fred Lawless sells a different mounting plate for the lawless lower so you can bolt an OS style PTO onto it. Brian
  4. Brian Sorgente

    Used Nova and few parts

    I'll take the head button Frank.
  5. Brian Sorgente

    Delrin question.

  6. Brian Sorgente

    Prop Box For Sale

    I'll take the box Mike. I'll PM you my info. Thanks, Brian
  7. Brian Sorgente

    Any use TORCO nitro?

    Whoa! You aren't kidding... I typically have someone mix mine, but have bought torco when I needed it quick. The last time I bought Torco was at the end of 2015 and paid 140 shipped for a case on Amazon. Now it's 290. Yikes.
  8. Brian Sorgente

    Any use TORCO nitro?

    Works good.
  9. Brian Sorgente

    Glow Head Locks Recomendations

    That's one way of doing it. I was thinking about putting an aluminum split collar clamp around the end of the connector to keep it from falling off. Aside from that though, I have to say, it's a pretty slick unit.
  10. Brian Sorgente

    Glow Head Locks Recomendations

    Good call. I used mine for the first time a few weeks ago and got pretty sick of chasing it around. I do like the RCA plug though. Brian
  11. Brian Sorgente

    Happy birthday Mark Sholund

    Happy Birthday Mark! Hope you're having a great day! Brian
  12. Brian Sorgente

    Nemesis replica w/ 35 plus Nova

    And 13 minutes later... Good buy Brandon. Brian
  13. Whoa! An original "Green machine" motor. Those were sweet back in the day...
  14. Brian Sorgente

    Latest project.

    also known as the cobra chicken.
  15. Brian Sorgente

    Looking for a gas boat clutch

    Bh hanson makes one too.