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  1. Mikey is a great guy, I do waiting of the heating and the ongoing work.
  2. A little delayed job on the model, because in the workshop is very cold.
  3. Thanks Don ! I'm glad you liked my job.
  4. Unfortunately, this cannot happen to me in my life, to visit your great country. Let us do the boats and have fun, life is short!
  5. Mounting the servo for rudder. Servo is from Zippkits, thanks to Mikey.
  6. Mounting the servo for rudder.
  7. Endless thanks for Mikey and all friends who helped me.
  8. Thanks Mike ! I look forward to receive the parts.
  9. Thank you for your decals. Much of build of the boat is ready, now showing pictures.
  10. The boat was covered with 1.5 mm. linden plywood.
  11. Thanks Bob, I will. The pictures, that you sent me, helped me a lot !
  12. Georgi Bojinov

    Gas Scale hydro builds

    Hi guys, I will post pics from building of Miss Bud, but let me make a few caveats. First, please forgive me for my not good English. My boat, Miss Bud is built without plans, I've used only pictures. I would love to hear your comments and advice. To build I use only materials available. Only frames are laser cut, everything else is handmade. Project work going on slowly, but now with your help will be much easier. And so to start .... The frames and stringers were cut from 3.5 mm. plywood. The wing is made of two layers of 4 mm. balsa and covered with plywood 0.5 Cowl and cockpit were modeled styrofoam and are covered with fiberglass and epoxy. Their form has been made only by pictures. Started building a boat onto dry dock.