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  1. carlnoki

    Soldering Jig for 1/4" flex cable

    Alex I guess it has been that long ago. Damn, sure has flown by. Hope your folks are doing well these days. My knees and left shoulder are now starting to go south. Carl
  2. carlnoki

    Soldering Jig for 1/4" flex cable

    Alex; Nice work buddy. But it still looks like a Blue Opel Kadet D
  3. carlnoki


    Tether Hydro championships 2017 in Bulgaria. damn fast.............. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtdQRxeZWps
  4. carlnoki

    21 hydros

    Doc Are you really planning on using all those Cox Golden Bee motors geared together to run that rigger? Carl Cisneros
  5. carlnoki

    pistol grip transmitter

    LOL Jerry I still have my old 6 channel O.S. and Kraft Reed systems in working order. Carl C
  6. carlnoki

    pistol grip transmitter

    I do like my old Futaba radio. Has served me very well over the years.................
  7. carlnoki

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Gerald; If the boat plans you got from Russ were for the 21OB rigger, it was more than likely for the Phoenix Rigger he was running when we were stationed at Ramstien AB. FAST little bugger it was. I used to import the Water Spider riggers and the Aero Marine Cats for a couple years when we were there. Michael Haag and I decided on him doing the Spider 40 boat in Epoxy Glass. Excellent work. I took a couple of his boats and turned them in to Canards and had a great time with them. Michael, Russ and I were at the world champs ( was on the German Team in 15cc hydro) in Ostiglia Italy back in '86 if memory serves. wound up taking 5th place with my big cat with cmb 90 power. Was in 2nd place until the low speed adjusting nut fell off during the 3rd heat (the old slide valve carb) and the motor went full lean and stopped. OH WELL LOL Oh, Alex Grull here on the forum also knows Michael and Russ as well. Still get in contact with them once in a while. Carl
  8. 24 people so far?????????? and the weather???????????
  9. Mike I was able to sneek in that Friday off so will be there at teh lake around 10ish. will bring all the stuff out as well as the yellow wrist bands. Will see how my legs do for the stairs. Carl
  10. carlnoki

    Name that Rigger

    Both he and Jean are still going strong. They are just in a different part of teh state these days is all.
  11. carlnoki

    Name that Rigger

    That one is a Water Spider for sure. I used to race them for a number of years. First ones I had were from Louis Durand out of the New Orleans area back in the early 80's. (this is when I first started boating when I was stationed at Keesler AFB in MS.) Most every one in that area of the country ran OPS motors from Sharmock. Then Art McMeans started to bring the Picco motors in to the country back then. I used to race against Louis, Roger (possum) (can't remember his last name), Shirley (Louis's wife), Art, Don Pinkert, Jim Youngblood, Scott McGuffin, Doc, Gene Taylor and a bunch of other guys. Notice the hard shaft on the 3rd pic. Don Wagners Avergers had the recessed transom for mounting a flex shaft strut to keep the prop the same location as the hard shaft boats. Then Don came out with the Spiderette. It was the Avenger tub with the Spider sponsons. (made his boats more stable and quicker) Eventually, Don just called them avengers. The Spiders that I had were the 20 outboard, the 60-90 boat with OS 90RSR ABN (ran like a scalded dog with minor motor tweaks) a few with Picco 65's and 80's in them,and a few 40 boats. Sadly, Don lost all the templates/patterns when the big Hurricane hit a few years ago. Carl
  12. carlnoki

    Flysky it-4s question

    Mark It has been 3 yrs since I used mine. Will check it Friday and let you know. Carl
  13. carlnoki

    Martin wins at the Glen!

    Way to go Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Mike The Don's Johns is ordered for our race. Carl
  15. carlnoki

    Truex Jr wins

    He won in Kansas tonight folks. Way to go!!!!!!!