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    SpeedWeek 2019

    Glenn, Donna, & John, Only three weeks away, I can’t wait, it should be fun. Mark Sholund
  2. Tom, I hope those can get it done against the new Stealth Series Roadrunner boats. It should be a great test for a lot of the new boats. Good Luck And Have A Blast, Mark Sholund
  3. shoboat

    david preusse 12 cowl on a jae

    Brian, How is the new 12 boat coming along? Any pictures yet? Just Curious If You Have Been Busy? Mark Sholund
  4. shoboat


    David, Don’t you think our engines have changed quite a bit the last 20years? I know we have found more power in our tuned pipes, fuel, and head button designs. Do you know how much horsepower, rpm, and torque your engines put out currently? It would be nice to know what changes make a difference? A few years ago I had a chance to have one of my 12-engines tested on a Dyno, and we found almost 1/4 more horsepower and 10 more ounce/inches of torque from just a head button change. I thought that was a lot of power with just a head button change? Thanks For Reading, Mark Sholund
  5. shoboat


    Thanks John it would be awesome to get that dyno back up and running. I know there is still a lot more performance to learn about in our little engines. Pipes and head buttons are my main interest. Mark Sholund
  6. shoboat


    John, How much would the bearings cost? It would be nice to get that Dyno back to work? Could you ask Marty or Norm what it would take to make this happen again? I would be willing to pay for whatever it needs to get it back in service. I think there is a lot of useful information that a good Dyno will provide us all. Thanks, Mark Sholund
  7. shoboat

    Prop Gauge

    Tom, Could you tell me what propellers you are having launching problems with? I think it is the diameter or pitch ratio that may be your problem? Would this be on a 21, 45, 67, 90, or on your twin? With quite a few of the new ABC Propellers I find a lot of people are running too much diameter in warmer weather conditions that have the same problem. Thanks For Reading, Mark Sholund
  8. shoboat

    Prop Gauge

    Tom, It all depends on what you want to measure and reference as important. If you look at Terry’s picture above in post #13 it looks like he is measuring Leading Edge Pitch. To some that is an important measurement to how fast your boat is going to go. With the Wood gauge you can measure this real easy. You are only going to go as fast as you can rotate your Leading Edge Pitch right? Have Fun Testing And Enjoy The Competition Next Week, Mark Sholund
  9. shoboat

    Prop Gauge

    Bob, Most likely the heavy blade is too long in length from the hub. I just put them on my lathe and even them up again. If you are referring to a newer ABC Propeller, I would not suggest bending on them with pliers, this will offset the rake angle differently on each blade and it can slow the propeller down a little bit in some cases. Then re-balance and recheck it. Digital calipers work great. Thanks For Reading, Mark Sholund
  10. shoboat

    WTB Futaba 3 ch Fasst TX

    Mic, I have one with or without the receiver. 3PM w/R603FS RX 3PM receiver, box, and booklet in like new condition. I have quite a few of them. Great radios and receivers. $165.00 shipped to you Priority Mail if you would like one complete? Let Me Know? Mark Sholund 231-590-3023
  11. shoboat

    Prop Gauge

    Fellas, I do close to 500 to 1000+ propellers a year for the last 18 years and I own three of Steve Wood's pitch gauges. Easy to use and quite accurate for most situations. The Frank Orlic gauge which I have two of them also, are Very Accurate especially with a digital readout. You need something if you really want great performance from your set ups. With casted propellers there is quite a difference between blades sometimes, the only way you can fix them is by measuring them accurately, both gauges can do that Very Well. You cannot go wrong with either gauge, Steve made his rather simple and Frank went for a Very Precision Product, but it takes more time to learn Frank's gauge to get the most out of it in my opinion. Measure and keep testing with either one. You need to know what you are running, and the only way to do that is buy a good measuring tool. Thanks For Reading, Mark Sholund 231-590-3023 Props-4-U
  12. shoboat

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    Bill, The boat came out nice. I found another propeller for you. Let Me Know If You Need Another Bullet? Mark Sholund
  13. Joseph,

    I have most of these in stock now.


    Mark Sholund

  14. shoboat


    2117, 2119, 2217, 2219, 2317, & 2319 are the most popular. It will depend on your set up like: motor mods, pipe choice, nitro %, weight of the boat. The Eagles tend to like the smaller diameters with more pitch. Enjoy Testing, Mark Sholund
  15. shoboat

    CMB .67 like new

    Joseph, 2617-19-38% is a good place to start and then move up to: 2619, 2717. All are good for that motor and boat. You got a great deal on that motor. Thanks, Mark Sholund
  16. shoboat

    Eric Canto, you have a PM

    Eric, Congratulations on your wedding yesterday. Wishing you and yours all the best, Mark Sholund
  17. shoboat

    Ceramic Head Buttons?

    Bob, We are working on a ceramic coating system for head buttons, piston crowns, and pipe surfaces. I will be testing it at Blue Lake in February on a few new motors. Happy New Year, Mark Sholund
  18. shoboat

    CMB .67 like new

    Neil, Is this motor sold yet? Let Us All Know? Mark Sholund
  19. shoboat

    Happy Birthday Olly Douglas

    Oliver, Happy Birthday ! I hope you are having a good Holiday Season. Enjoy, Mark Sholund
  20. shoboat


    OK Tom Sounds Good
  21. shoboat

    rc drag racing

    John, Check with Joey Padgett on here. I believe he plays with both. Thanks, Mark Sholund
  22. shoboat


    Tom, If you would like buy them all from John Otto, and have him send them to me and I can finish them up for you? Merry Christmas, Mark Sholund props4u.net
  23. shoboat

    Roadrunner Twin 45 Extreme

    Julian, I sent you some new bullets to bolt onto your shafts. Let us know how they work with an updated video or lap times from the lake. Mark Sholund Feliz Navidad
  24. shoboat


    Merry Christmas To All Of The IW Family, I appreciate all the support that I get from the IW family. My new web site should be up now: www.props4u.net Mark Sholund Props-4-U
  25. John,

    I have a small tapered 12-Hydro tank that I would like you to make

    one just like it. Should I just send it to you with a check?

    Let Me Know Please?

    Mark Sholund


    1. johnsteltzer


      Mark  I just  realized you message me yeah just mail it to me 

      2364 Toxaway dr sumter sc 29154

      It will be 80.00 total sorry it took so longto get back to you

    2. shoboat



      My tank is on the way to you now.

      You should see it on Monday. I will just PayPal you when

      you are done with it.

      Just Let Me Know When?

      Mark Sholund