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  1. shoboat

    SpeedWeek 2019

    Glenn, Donna, and John, Great time in Valdosta last week, thanks for all the hard work putting on such a great event. I have been plowing snow ever since I got home on Saturday evening. What is really incredible is what you can learn at a time trial event. Seeing all those fast boats really makes me want to go visit John down in Sarasota so we could keep testing. Danny King was sure a nice guy to meet down in Georgia, and I hope to be back next year a little more prepared and stay most of the week instead of just a few days. Thanks To All Who Came, Mark Sholund
  2. shoboat

    Look for X467/2 or X670/2

    Allan, Look in your mailbox. Thanks, Mark Sholund
  3. shoboat

    WTB Twin 21 Hydro

    Mike, I have an older 45-Roadrunner that will build one just like Julian’s. Just let me know if you want it? We can work out a good price shipped. Thanks, Mark Sholund
  4. shoboat

    SpeedWeek 2019

    Glenn & Donna, The water looks great. Martin keeps setting the bar higher and higher. On the plane right now to Valdosta, should arrive at 10:31 pm. Looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow morning. Thursday, Nice to get out in the sunshine today a little breezy, but you cannot beat the weather or the company here. Nice Job Everyone, Mark Sholund
  5. shoboat

    Look for X467/2 or X670/2

    He is going to Blue Lake tomorrow for a few days of fun in the sun with: John, Glenn, & Donna. Leaving the snow and ice behind, to trade it for burning some 70% Nitro fuel on the oval in Valdosta. Looking Forward To The Sunshine, Mark Sholund
  6. shoboat

    New OCT X572/2

    David, I do not follow the gas boat scene anymore. Those other propellers that were suggested may work well? I mainly do Nitro and Electric boat propellers. Thanks For Thinking Of Me Though, Mark Sholund
  7. shoboat

    L/F couple old outboard pipes

    Brandon, Please send me your email address or number I can text you some pictures? Thanks, Mark Sholund 231-590-3023
  8. shoboat

    New OCT X572/2

    Allan, Been there and done that. I can tell you some results from our testing. Like Charles said it is too much at full diameter to heat race that is for sure. We did reduce the diameter also, (70 mm) and still found out that 4.26” of average pitch ill handled the boat. The 101 will turn them no problem, but you will not like the propeller in race trim. If you want to try another possible choice try the X-470/3, but it will need quite a bit of work also. The X-470 is a no-brainer for heat racing if you prepare them properly. Enjoy Testing, Mark Sholund
  9. shoboat

    Sponson questions

    Steve, With some older boats I have started by going out 1” more from the tub with the sponsons and then go test it. Only one way to find out by testing different configurations and adjusting it accordingly. Thanks For Sharing, Mark Sholund
  10. Norm, Thanks for posting the final results. I just had a little conversation with John Ackerman on Facebook last weekend, and he tells the old Dyno has standard bearings. I was talking with John Beardslee recently and hopefully you guys can blow the dust off and get that machine fired up again real soon. A lot of information still too learn on a Dyno. Let John know what size bearings that it needs and I would be happy to buy them and send them down. Thanks, Mark Sholund
  11. shoboat

    Identifying a couple carbs

    Randy, Welcome back to this great hobby. Carl made a lot of 45 carbs which are what you have there I believe. The Jet Ring is interchangeable, which was a really cool idea that Carl had. Enjoy Testing, Mark Sholund
  12. shoboat

    1/8 Scale Hydro

    Tom, Glad to hear you are going to come back racing again? Will’s boat is very close to the one you built me many years ago. You will not be disappointed at all. I have plenty of propellers for that beauty, and I look forward to coming back downstate to do some testing with you again. It has been a long time since we were at the pond together and I look forward to that again soon. 2019 is going to be another great year for model boating in District # 2. Welcome Back Tom, Mark Sholund
  13. shoboat

    NAMBA and IMPBA Hall of Fame

    Roger, Great topic. I think some of the older people still competing in RC boat racing after 30, 40, or 50+ years deserve to be recognized. This hobby has been great for me personally, and a few of my older friends still have not gotten the credit that they deserve in my opinion. Thanks For Reading, Mark Sholund
  14. shoboat

    Motor location

    Richard, The turnfin is too small front to back. It will turn better lap times with a wider fin. Look at the current JAE boats and see how big their fins are. Easy change that Will Make A Big Difference. Thanks, Mark Sholund
  15. shoboat

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    Bill, So how did the boat do last weekend? Never received the final results from the race? Thanks, Mark Sholund