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  1. John,

    I have a small tapered 12-Hydro tank that I would like you to make

    one just like it. Should I just send it to you with a check?

    Let Me Know Please?

    Mark Sholund


    1. johnsteltzer


      Mark  I just  realized you message me yeah just mail it to me 

      2364 Toxaway dr sumter sc 29154

      It will be 80.00 total sorry it took so longto get back to you

  2. shoboat

    advise needed

    Chris, A Stock 40x53 has too much cup in it for great rpm approx. 3.91” If I was you, I would reduce the trailing edge cup at .7 radi. it will run much better off the corners. Have Fun Testing, Mark Sholund
  3. shoboat

    Nova Rossi 12

    Mark, Let me Know if I owe you $4.00? Thanks, Mark Sholund
  4. shoboat

    Lynx cut prop

    Mike, Thanks for showing Robert that M-440 w/Lynx-Cut on your O. S. I have a couple new ones that I have been working on recently. I believe I have a 1515 for you also. Thanks, Mark Sholund
  5. shoboat

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Charlie, Looks good on the water. You are going to find some faster boats in Florida this year. It seems like quite a few more twin pilots are out testing more propellers than in the past. Good Luck And Enjoy The Sunshine, Mark Sholund
  6. shoboat

    advise needed

    Chris, The M-440 with a Lynx-Cut is a great propeller also on that set up. I think the X-442 will be a little too much diameter on that set up on a short track. Just a thought? Happy Holidays! Mark Sholund
  7. shoboat

    .46 props

    Joey, Some are doing rather well with the ABC 1914-17-45% I do quite a few outboard propellers, but not always a lot of feedback from our customers? Happy Holidays, Mark Sholund
  8. shoboat

    Broken Rod

    Charles, Good Answer Once again your three cents is right. Enjoy The Holidays, Mark Sholund
  9. shoboat

    Nova Rossi 12

    Mark, Payment has been sent. Thank You, Mark Sholund 4830 Arbor Grove Drive Traverse City, MI 49685-7266 231-590-3023
  10. shoboat

    Got a question, who's tuned pipe is this

    Mike, The pipe arrived today. I am measuring it up now. Thanks, Mark Sholund
  11. shoboat

    Nova Rossi 12

    Mark, I always use friends and family. How about your PayPal address? Thanks, Mark Sholund
  12. shoboat

    .18 os tz air cooled engine pipe advise

    Stephen, I have plenty of pipes if you want to test some? In my testing there is no better way than to just go out and see how well they work on your set up. You should get better fuel if you want better performance. Let Me Know Please? Mark Sholund
  13. shoboat

    Nova Rossi 12

    Mark, How about $100.00 shipped? I do not really need another one, but they are Great Motors. Let Me Know Please? Mark Sholund 231-590-3023
  14. shoboat

    X650 PROP / X472 PROP

    Joseph, I would not waste the time on polishing the propellers unless it is for a static model. Polishing will throw off your balancing unless you continue to balance while polishing. It will also cause some cavitation on some applications. Another good tip is to have a metal lathe in your shop with a 3/16” or 1/4” drive dog installed and chuck it up in the lathe to make sure the blade lengths are even. This will save you hours in the balancing of your work. Keep up the good work! Happy Holidays, Mark Sholund
  15. shoboat

    X650 PROP / X472 PROP

    Piro, The removing of the front leading edge or tongue of the propeller is not a Texas-Cut. The Texas-Cut is more of a straight cut down the leading edge of the propeller blade. Along the leading edge that you show in your picture as the (spoon and cup area). This area will also control your leading edge pitch numbers. Your trailing edge (lift area) is the area that we cup the trailing edge on in the older style propellers. Your picture is more of a older style propeller design. Some of the new designs are a lot different. Your Barr-Cut should be cut at the same angle as your trailing edge surface angle. You have some interesting (pitch areas) in your picture as well as your (lift area). Keep Testing And Learning About Different Propeller Designs. Thanks For The Pictures, Mark Sholund