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  1. darryl whitman

    For Sale - ML 330 Sport 20

    would you do 350 shipped, to 52404 Darryl
  2. darryl whitman

    Looking for NEW of like new beta evo

    I have a cmb Beta with a M1 kit in it?
  3. darryl whitman

    Cleaning the shop

    money sent for the sport 40
  4. darryl whitman

    Cleaning the shop

    Darryl for the sport 40? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk yes for the 40
  5. darryl whitman

    Cleaning the shop

    would you do 150 shipped ?? zip - 52404 Iowa
  6. darryl whitman

    I4C Compression Gauge

    ty Scott
  7. darryl whitman

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    If I may ask, P spec, an P ltd. class aint it for the beginner an or low budget , an for the racer who wants a equal playing field .?? if so , then motor esc an number of batt cells should be tightly limited, we need to think about keeping it fun , an getting more people into the hobby.. I see alot of people buyin an EF boat coming down to our pond running an seeing some faster boats, so the first thing I see them doing is ( BIGGER Battery ) POOF we all know what happened, they ask, what did I do wrong .or they say the esc was bad ,,, then they never come back..' plz if you see a newbe at your pond, plz inform them so they enjoy the hobby in EF boating Darryl
  8. darryl whitman


    Thanks nitro, I was about to say the same , some just dont read all.lol
  9. darryl whitman

    I4C Compression Gauge

    Yes I Do PP sending
  10. darryl whitman

    I4C Compression Gauge

    I will take it . Plz pm me PP acct, thank you Darryl
  11. darryl whitman

    For sale Walt Barnety Tank. New

    what type of boat was it for??
  12. darryl whitman

    Wtb neu 1527 1.5y

    I may have 1 . I know its an 1250 kv get back tomarrow to U Sorry. I see your looking for an 850 kv. 1.y = 1250 1.5y = 850 My mistake. Darryl. good luck.
  13. darryl whitman

    Lookin For 97T turbo plugs

    ty s guys
  14. darryl whitman

    Lookin For 97T turbo plugs

    I am looking for 97T Turbo plugs . Any help would Be nice , Thank , Darryl
  15. darryl whitman

    Futaba USA

    I got my 4PK super back from them, The throttle trigger would make the servo jump around,they replaced it an also recalibrated the radio. an sent it back in 4 weeks ... for 42.50.. not bad , they told me , they had 400 repairs to make before getting to my stuff. For 1 service tech , that dam good...