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  1. Keith Halverson


    Have a set of the mini EMAXX servo's in a foam aircraft. They still sound good and haven't failed after 2 yrs of use. Also bought at Value Hobby. They were labeled as something else before I purchased them,,then they arrived with EMAXX stickers on them. Just depends how the label'r is feeling that day,,as far as stickers I think.
  2. Keith Halverson

    Turbine Scales.

    It's a process be waived for flight. Experience required, Inspection, sign-off's, ect. I guess this would be a baseline or one to look at. Something to work with. http://www.modelaircraft.org/files/510-c.pdf
  3. Keith Halverson

    Methanol $$$

    Our local VP Fuels dealer is about $50 per 5. I'm sure someone will chime in and beat that.
  4. Keith Halverson


    Looks good Mark. Nice detail work.
  5. Keith Halverson

    Turbine Scales.

    It sounds like the only way it could move forward, is with a separate organization.
  6. Keith Halverson

    Shipping Lipos with the USA or taking on plane

    In the locked hobby toolbox underneath,,and separated out inside,,you might get away with it. Alot of heat and energy in one spot,,and they look like packs of C4 with wires sticking out on the scanner.
  7. Keith Halverson

    Turbine Scales.

    From a new guys perspective, It would definitely breathe new life back into the hobby world if there was a Turbine Unlimited class allowed in years to come.. Once the word got out, spectator count would be way up,,and with that, new life. Expensive?,,very much so. That price would have to be accessible by more than 1 or 2. No chance of that any time soon unfortunately. Safety for racer and spectator would have to be seriously addressed. Not a easy or cheap task just on the fire aspect alone. Not a insurmountable task,,but not a cheap or easy one either. Again,,it's all about $$$.
  8. Keith Halverson

    big block nitro racing?

    Vegas. A good place for a Final shootout Gold Race. Don't think anyone would disagree on that.
  9. Keith Halverson

    Lousy customer service

    They must be swamped. Burned minutes today trying to make contact. Busy line 5 min before opening,,and all day. Reaching from here in WA to Delaware, so something might be down. Will keep trying.
  10. Keith Halverson

    Lousy customer service

    You get your order Ken? Was double dipped,,they sent me two orders. No charge for the second,,so I need to call early tomorrow. Appreciate the thought,,if it was,,But I don't think so. Picking and packing flubbed.
  11. Keith Halverson

    Dumas Miss Circus Circus Pipe Mounting Tips

    How it was done on this used Atlas i have and it kinda touches on what Micheal posted. Different size fuel tube,,to hold different sized pipes firm. Slit the tubing and squeeze it over the inside disk edge, slide the pipe in the center Allow for adjustment as you build it. Auto hose clamps to hold pipe to engine and coupler,, and cross your fingers. Looks like a inverted entry or? slammed the cowl and crushed the old pipe against the 1/16 ply,,and it did. Fixed for now. I would use something larger than 1/16 plywood for your mount ring. A heavier plywood or fiberglass, Like Micheal posted. You are dealing with heat and weight as you build and I would keep that in mind.. Ease of entry into and clearance of the pipe to radio box lid is Important also as you already know. Hope this helps.
  12. Keith Halverson

    big block nitro racing?

    Nice park. 2 boats in the water,,with google earth. Would really like to check out that Huntsville Museum, Shuttle on a stick,,all that. A mountain of red mudbugs done right and adult beverages. One for the bucket list.
  13. Keith Halverson

    Sealing and clear coat

    Looks nice Anthony. Might have to try some of that.
  14. Keith Halverson

    big block nitro racing?

    Just an example of active locations in the far west: Legg Lake, South El Monte (Southern California- District 19); Lake Minden, Nicolaus (Northern California- District 9); Sunset Park , Las Vegas Nevada (District 19); San Diego Model Yacht Pond, San Diego (Southern California, District 19); Archer Lake, Tucson Arizona (District 19); Kiwanis Park, Tempe Arizona (District 19), etc.,... To be honest I'm not sure if they even run rc boats in the Shasta recreational area in general? Lake Minden Looks very nice. Remember seeing those signs along 5 as I passed thru. Sac international right there for the long haul. plenty of lodging onsite and off. Awesome food in Roseville, Can attest. Hobby stores scattered around Sacramento.
  15. Keith Halverson

    big block nitro racing?

    Bummer on the Shasta thing David. It was your idea first,,where then in these golden brown states?