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  1. Chris Dixon

    Sure seems dead around here.

    yea I realize that now.....just haven't decided what I want yet,
  2. Chris Dixon

    Sure seems dead around here.

    found this a while back.....https://shop.thundertiger.com/collections/parts-accessories/rc-marine_engine...... © 2018 ThunderTiger
  3. Chris Dixon

    Sure seems dead around here.

    My buddy has a TT on a htb 290 that will scream. I'm not sure what did he did with the timing but I could barely keep up with him with my os/cobra.....I wasn't trying to derail y'all's conversion but it did seem dead in here..lol
  4. Chris Dixon

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Yeah I figured that out recently...I'm going to invest in a small lathe so I can make something work. I have 3 OS outboards one being Aircooled. I'm just playing around with the TT
  5. Chris Dixon

    Sure seems dead around here.

    I've never competed a rc boat in competition at all but I've made my fair share of laps at the local ponds with a few friends and family. I have been to I believe 2 tunnel races in Charleston and I was all set up to run in the Tunnel Nats in Charleston in 2012 but chickened out before I registered. Me and a couple of friends are getting back into tunnels mainly because we all kept our boats but have recently realized how difficult it was to find a new 20 size hull. Ron Shaw has the lynx and taboo available and Mike Lusczc is backed up with the vision. That's about all that's available except for the PTI NX300/320 kit which would be time consuming to build but I might try it. Between the 3 of use we have an HTB 290, 3 cobras, 1 fiberglass sniper, 3 VS1/villains, 1 NX300, 1 leecraft, 3 topspeed 3s and a few more lesser known tunnels. So it's not like we have nothing to run..lol. Just maybe wanting something newer. I only have a cobra. a VS1 and a couple of topspeed 3s.
  6. Chris Dixon

    dynamite 32 marine motor

    I've seen a few on different hobby sites for sale so they are still available....but was on back order on a few sites. I've acquired a used one I've yet to use.
  7. Chris Dixon

    Sure seems dead around here.

    I gotta TT on a top speed 3 I need to breath some new life in
  8. Chris Dixon

    Sure seems dead around here.

    I dont club race so rules don't matter ..I'm curious to whether the BX-R 21 is a direct bolt up for the thunder tiger?
  9. Chris Dixon

    advise needed

    Yeah I have an Aircooled Os that needs a piston and sleeve..so I have the extended canister pipe....will look into the prop suggestion.
  10. Chris Dixon

    advise needed

    I guess I need a pipe and some tuning
  11. Chris Dixon

    advise needed

    Hey Guys its been a while since I was on this forum so I hope I am still welcome. Even thou they are on the back burner I am still fascinated by these tunnel boats. Me and a couple of guys have 3 or 4 tunnels boats each and are always smack talking about out running each other. We haven't been to the pond a a couple of years but all the smack talking is getting us interested again. I have a cobra tunnel with a water cooled OS and my buddy has a gold head K&B on a lightweight VS1 and I think my Boat is plenty fast enough but his screams....anybody got any recommended or tips on out running him. I have some o'donnel blues and some technology hobbies 60%. I believe I was running a grim racer 40X52 3 blade prop. Its a short 350ft pond so its like a short track race..lol. I'm sure he will see this but it will only add to the smack talk..lol..he also has a sniper with a redhead cmb....I got to figure out how to out run him with an OS..I also have a VS1 OS combo.
  12. Chris Dixon

    inboard 3.5 options

    Hey guys I haven't posted in a while but I started back building my JAE 21 rigger again and need some help. I don't intend on racing anytime soon so I am wondering what is my cheapest option for an inboard .21 . I waited around until the X-act/GO became unavailable so that's not an option. I can get a K&B power head but can I get a inboard backing plate for it? I can find about any kind of buggy motor on ebay but then I have to try to adapt a flywheel and collet to the half threaded shaft. I have thunder tiger outboard and have even thought about converting it to an inboard. Don't want to spend a bunch a money on an engine just to make some laps in a local pond with. Any suggestions?
  13. Chris Dixon

    Current Tunnel Hulls in production.

    This is the most positive tunnel talk that I have seen on here in a while....keep it up and I will dust of my tunnels and throw the zippkits rigger on the back burner..lol
  14. Chris Dixon

    3 tunnels for sale

    I'm open to offers
  15. Chris Dixon

    3 tunnels for sale

    I am selling these for a friend. 1. Cobra 2 with an water cooled O.S.21 outboard/ Hitec HS645mg steering servo and Futaba FP-S148 throttle servo. This boat was painted 2011 Dodge Challenger toxic orange at a body shop 350.00 obo plus shipping 2. Top speed 3 with a water cooled OS 21outboard/Tower Hobbies TS153 throttle servo and a Aquacraft SX-100 steering servo. The hull has a few battle scars but otherwise in great condition 275.00 plus shipping 3. Leecraft with a Thunder Tiger 21 outboard /HS645mg steering servo and Futaba FP-S148 throttle servo. Also has a self bailer The hull is in good condition and can be run like it is but could use a decent paint job. 250.00 plus shipping