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  1. This is shaping up to be a fantastic event! Any and all class sponsorships and/.or raffle item donations are much appreciated! Thanks, Lamar
  2. Hey Gang, We are seeking class sponsors and raffle items for the 2019 Atlanta Spring Nationals. This year’s race is shaping up to be a great event selling out most classes inless than 24 hours! Trophy sponsorships for the event are $65 per class and we welcome all reasonable products and/or gift certificates donations for the raffle! PayPal address for sponsorships is: lamarcindy@bellsouth.net The mailing address for checks, money orders, and raffle items is: Lamar Huff 205 Blackberry Court LaGrange, GA 30240 Sponsorships available for the following classes: • B Hydro • B Mono • Classic Thunderboat = SOWEGA Model Boaters • D Hydro • E Mono • F Hydro • F Mono • LSG 23-30 Cat = = Generator and Power Systems Service LLC • LSG 23-30 Mono = Assault Racing Designs • LSG 23-30 Rigger • LSG-23-30 Sport Hydro • LSG Crackerbox • Open Offshore = Generator and Power Systems Service LLC • Open Tunnel • Open Twin Rigger • P Mono • P Sport Hydro • P-Limited Mono • P-Limited Offshore • P-Limited Rigger • P-Limited Sport Hydro • Q Mono • Sixty Scale • Super Sport Mono If the class you choose to sponsor doesn’t make the cut or we have two people commit to sponsor the same class your sponsorship will be transferred to another open class. Raffle Items Donated so far: - Two gift certificates for $100 off a HUFFRACING modified Zenoah - HUFFRACING ORCA Mono Hull - Various items from Assault Racing Designs Thanks, Lamar
  3. Many thanks to the Voodoo Model Boat Club! The gang from Louisiana will be preparing and serving Jambalaya to all the racers Saturday night at our upcoming Spring Nationals event. The Voodoo club is a class act and we sincerely appreciate the generous gesture! Lamar
  4. We sold out FAST this year... Entries opened at midnight on New Year's Eve and by 4:45PM New Year's Day we had 240 boats entered and most classes were fully sold out. We have a finite number of heats we can push though in a two day event and we run entries on a first come, first serve basis. The gas and electric guys were rushing the door and ended up getting most of the heats this year. We appreciate everyone who entered or tried to enter the event this year! Thank you for the support... Lamar
  5. Hey Gang, The dates have been confirmed... The 2019 Atlanta Spring Nationals will be held on April 27th & 28th! Registration via www.RCRacingEvents.com will open up on 01/01/19. We hope to see you there! Thanks, Lamar
  6. Hey Gang, We are less than a month away from the 2018 Atlanta Model Boaters Grand Prix! We have just opened additional slots for Sold Out classes on www.RCRacingEvents.com, so there is room for EVERYONE! The race is shaping up to be a very well attended event with over 180 boats already entered. The deadline for entries is July 15th, 2018. Don't delay, get those entries in today! Nitro, Gas, & Electric classes being offered! Race Dates: July 21st & 22nd, 2018 Thanks, Lamar
  7. This is shaping up to be a great event! We are up to 160 entries and counting with a nice mix of nitro, gas, & electric classes. Truly something for everyone. Thanks, Lamar
  8. Hey Gang, The Atlanta Model Boaters are proud to host the 3rd stop of the 2018 Grand Prix circuit. The race will be held on July 21st and 22nd. Please visit www.RCRacingEvents.com for more information and to enter the event. We hope to see you there! We are offering a nice mix of Gas, Nitro, & Electric classes. Truly something for everyone... Thanks, Lamar
  9. AMB member Greg Evans has posted some really nice pics from the event. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3y3kohb4ebb6ad4/AAC_vV92bM7EcTfrAsWangW-a?dl=0 Thanks, Lamar
  10. Mike, glad you were able to join us and that you enjoyed the event! Good luck at the Nats with Dad and Doug! Tyler, cool footage! Nice racing with you and glad to hear you will be back! Thanks, Lamar
  11. Lamar_Huff

    Atlanta Spring Nationals

    Walt, thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked the cake... Apparently you were not the only one. There were no leftovers to bring home! Tracey glad you guys had a great time! Welcome back and come race with us anytime! Thanks, Lamar
  12. Lamar_Huff

    Atlanta Spring Nationals

    Thanks Bill! Glad you could make the race... Lamar
  13. Hey Gang, Well folks, that’s a wrap! Thank you to all the racers, volunteers, AMB members, and sponsors who helped to make the event an overwhelming success. We kicked off racing Saturday morning and pushed hard all day knowing that the forecast for Sunday was less than desirable. With everyone’s cooperation and dedication we were able to click off a record breaking (for the AMB) 105 heats in one day! That put us just over ½ way into round 3. We started racing at 8AM sharp this morning and concluded round 3 just before 10AM. At the end of round 3 we polled the racers and they overwhelmingly voted against testing mother nature and the race was called at the end of the 3rd round. It was the right decision… The bottom dropped out just as we finished tearing down the pond and never let up. And the winners are (drumroll please)… P-Limited Mono 1. Ken Haines 2. Lamar Huff 3. Howard Tucker Thunderboat 1. Rick Baker 2. Geoff Sawyer 3. Norman Morton B Mono 1. Buckshot Shackelford 2. Walt Barney 3. John Booker P-Limited Rigger 1. Ken Haines 2. Lamar Huff 3. Declan Booker Super Sport Mono 1. Don Huff 2. Chris Shepard 3. Rick Baker Open Mono 1. Ken Haines 2. Chris Shepard 3. Scott Powell B Hydro 1. Bradley Maglinger 2. Doug Twaits 3. Steve Ball Q Mono 1. Tyler Garrard 2. Lamar Huff 3. Ken Haines LSG 23-30 Mono 1. Lamar Huff 2. Bradley Maglinger 3. Chris Harvey 60 Scale Hydro 1. Mike Paganelli 2. Doug Smock 3. Kevin Kosciolek P Sport Hydro 1. Ken Haines 2. Mike Ball 3. Bob Zola LSG 23-30 Cat 1. Lamar Huff 2. Roy Weid 3. Jimmie Shaver D Hydro 1. Mike Ball 2. Buckshot Shackelford 3. Steve Ball P-Limited Sport Hydro 1. Tyler Davis 2. Mike Ball 3. Terry Davis LSG 23-30 Sport Hydro 1. Lamar Huff 2. Russell Groft 3. Scott Howe Open Tunnel 1. David Ashmore 2. Norman Morton 3. Mike Paganelli P-Limited Offshore 1. Lamar huff 2. Doug Smock 3. Ken Haines LSG 23-30 Rigger 1. Lamar Huff 2. Buckshot Shackelford 3. Doug Twaits D Mono 1. Bob Denninger 2. Mark Harrelson P Mono 1. Mike Paganelli 2. Ken Haines 3. Lamar Huff Open Hydro 1. Tyler Garrard 2. John Booker 3. Ken Haines Crackerbox 1. Rick Baker 2. Katie Harrelson 3. Ron Talley F Hydro 1. Doug Twaits 2. Tyler Garrard 1/10th Scale Electric 1. Kevin Kosciolek 2. Tom Castellani 3. Terry Davis Open Offshore 1. Bradley Maglinger 2. Rick Baker 3. Jackie Farrell Thanks, Lamar
  14. Thanks to Steve @ Insane boats for his sponsorship of Gas Rigger, Gas Hydro, and Thunderboat! Thanks, Lamar
  15. Many thanks to the guys at Mid-Michigan Electrics Unlimited for their sponsorship of P-Limited Sport Hydro and 1/10th Scale Electric! Thanks, Lamar