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  1. DaveThynne

    Props in stock as of 11/15/2017

    Hi Walt, do you have one 2315-19-38 and one 2319-19-38 in stock?
  2. DaveThynne

    CMB parts

    Hi Tony Is the cmb 67 GPE needle bearing the small crank bearing used in the gold head/black case disc induction engine? If so I will take 2 of them.
  3. DaveThynne

    Twin set up chew on this..............

    I forget the number but its Futabas latest one that cranks out 340 oz, my rudder blade is of good size and length, it turns easily, even ifI choose to rail the buoys. Im pretty sure a touch of tow in on the inside sponson will fix it, Ive periodically needed to do this to the many Eagles Ive owned and raced. I was mostly curious if people were finding if there was any difference in the prop walk of a set of 1667s vs the new style props. I always set my Eagles up to give me fairly responsive left turn correction capabilities but found with this Twin it fought me more than I like. Ive watched Allen Yuen over the last couple of years battle the same issue and he loses a lot of speed while he does so. I try to tune my ride to a more compliant ride so that I dont scrub off speed while Im fixing a driving error or avoiding a race course hazard. Ill get there, just takes more testing and tuning. I found no noticeable difference in prop walk between a 1667 style prop to a 19 degree rake ABC prop
  4. DaveThynne

    Twin set up chew on this..............

    There are plenty of rumours on how to stop a twin pulling in to the course, I think I have tested most. The most effective is adding toe-in to the inside sponson. The trade off is the boat not tracking straight while going slow. I have also tried adding a little more angle of attack to the inside sponson, strut adjustments, prop sizes. I have even tried graphite paint on the inside sponson and none of the above made no noticeable difference. By saying no noticeable difference, meaning I wasn't able to take any of the left trim out of the rudder and still have the boat track straight.
  5. DaveThynne

    Servos, engines parts for sale

    I will pass for now. I'll check my funds in a few weeks if its still available.
  6. DaveThynne

    Servos, engines parts for sale

    I'll take $85usd shipped I will take it.
  7. DaveThynne

    Servos, engines parts for sale

    Hi Julian, are you willing to ship the 67 piston/liner to Australia?
  8. DaveThynne

    Looking for Green Water Jackets for CMB 67 engine

    I have a very lightly used one with a 1mm hole drilled as a water outlet. I will send photos over the weekend if you're interested.
  9. DaveThynne


    Wow this opportunity doesn't come up very often, great engine.
  10. DaveThynne

    Carbs, engines, outboard crank kits

    Yep, number 7 has a 14.5mm crank. Crank induction timings have been mod to 205 ATDC open, 67 Close ATDC. edit: standard sleeve timings. Sounds like what I'm after! I'll have to pass this week, I'll see if it's available in the next few weeks though mate.
  11. DaveThynne

    Carbs, engines, outboard crank kits

    Sorry Brad, number 7 engine
  12. DaveThynne

    Carbs, engines, outboard crank kits

    Hey mate Does the number 6 engine have a 14.5mm crank?
  13. DaveThynne

    Southern Mallee Stampede

    There was one Dragon realeased.. Definitely the best location I have raced at, i will be back.
  14. PayPal sent, please email to davethynne374@gmail.com
  15. I will take a copy thanks Marty