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  1. Very good shape with mounting plates but only 2 mounting bolts.$45 shipped in US....USPS Priority Mail with delivery conformation.
  2. Kenny Rider

    Older motor temp range

    I was also told that a drop of water would bounce right off the head if too hot but would evaporate in 2-3 seconds at right temp. Is this method effective also?
  3. Kenny Rider

    going to recycle yard or trash bin

    I'll pass for now..thanks Dan.
  4. Kenny Rider

    going to recycle yard or trash bin

    Just lookn around for a .45 pipe I may need later if I decide on if I take on a project or not..thanks
  5. Kenny Rider

    K&B or PB ?

    Got it..will send email soon as I know
  6. Kenny Rider

    K&B or PB ?

    pm sent
  7. Kenny Rider

    K&B or PB ?

    I have one that I gutted if ya need any other parts including a .18. Haven't fired motor yet to check out but will soon.
  8. Kenny Rider

    going to recycle yard or trash bin

    What size motor is the pipe second from the right for or what is the length? thanks
  9. Kenny Rider

    my facebook nitro support page

    Nice page!!! Added it also!!
  10. Kenny Rider

    Nitro Fuel

    Thanks fellas!! With the help here and a few calls, I found the info I needed.
  11. Kenny Rider

    Nitro Fuel

    Thanks Kevin!!
  12. Kenny Rider

    Nitro Fuel

    Thanks Grim..weather it does or not isn't a biggy as car n buggy runners around here are always looking. It's just a couple, out of several, mixture I can get for nothn but a short drive. Those were the only 2 out of the bunch I knew nothing about. Thanks again!!
  13. Kenny Rider

    Nitro Fuel

    Have a buddy that has an abundance of Super-T and Bully Tartan nitro fuel. Couldn't find any info or mixture numbers. Any info appreciated, if not for boats, what is it's use? Thanks
  14. Kenny Rider

    am sprint cat

    I there a Aeromarine label inside of the boat? Seen other sc's on other sites post a 34" but not sure.
  15. Kenny Rider

    WTB AM Sprint Cat 21/45

    pm sent