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  1. James montgomery

    My addiction to opids,and the people I hurt

    U r so right I have been busting my butt the last few months to get back what I lost....i know it will take time to get there but I know with hard work I can do it like I did be for all this happend.....and I do go to church no ever Sunday with my wife and son and it feels good to try and help others that where in my shoes.....drugs don't care who u love, or who u r or what u have they will take it all from u if u let it like I did....thank u samuel.....i would love to talk to more people and surround my self around the good
  2. James montgomery

    My addiction to opids,and the people I hurt

    Thank u to both mikes for the words.....Grim I am very lucky to be alive cuz I o.d two more times be for my wife left me and then had nothing left.......i could not belive I had to hit rock bottom to realize what I was doing....the drug changes the way u think and acked.....i sold all my boats to the pawn shop for 100 bucks a peace....really I had boats and motors worth 4 times that and sold all my r.c cars as well, sold my race car that I raced and sold everything to people just to get what I needed....stupid thing but I now have been going to a.a meetings every Thursday in town here and help at the local recovery center and telling people my story....if I can get threw to just one person or to and change them awsome cuz then maybe they to can help be a voice for the ones who didn't make it as well......i have been taken it one day at a time yes I still get that feeling to do it but my will power I have now is much stronger then ever....i have gained weight back after losing almost 80 lbs because all I had was herion or pills , the second time I o.d my heart did stop and yes I was dead for about 5 mins but there was someone watching over me and it just wasn't my time to go..... i had my angel looking over me and god had other plans for me witch I belive is to be the voice for others that had not made it threw like I did........i will continue to help others and go to a.a class to keep my self around positive people to help me get back to where I was be for and what I had befor......i am loveing life once again and thank who ever was watching over me those three times that I o.d that I came back each time...thanks for reading guys....
  3. It has been a long year for me I have lost alot and hurt alot of people....i toke advantage of the people on this site and didn't care as long as I got my next fix.....i lost ever thing I lost my wife,my house son and everything I worked hard for, I stole from my job as well for a fix and even toke advantage of the friends I made here raceing at Hawkeye downs and from raceing rc cars, and then when i lost ever thing I started stealing from the pawn shops and been to jail for it and still going to freaking court for it 6 months later....i never ment for this to get out of control like it did but the power this drug had over me after two years was crazy,yes I started off taken my pain pills as I was to take them but then one wasn't working so I need two, well that wasn't enoughe so on to three ever 4 hours and then I started getting that high from them and that was it.....I stared taken over 100mg a day after a year and a half came around but still wasn't enoughe.....I was getting a script ever two weeks of 60 7.5 oxycotin that would last me maybe 4 days then I was buying 20 pills from a dealer ever other day I had meet threw a friend and those would last two days and these where 10mg roxi for ten bucks a peace....i was spending over 800 DOLLARS A WEEK!.....really for what my back pain b.s so I could get high....i had tryed rehab but the power this had over me was crazy I left after four days and went right to the dealer....the sickness I had was horrible and felt like I was dying and couldnt take it any more and all I thought about was getting high and not feeling like shit.....i then started buying heroin because I wasn't getting high fast enoughe....i started shooting up the herion and some how kept it from my wife as long as I did ,cuz I would get it from the same person I got the pills from....i kept on stealing from people on here and in town, my wife had no idea I was doing this at all until I finally o.d for the first time and found me in the basement of her father's house in my chair...this was the first time but was not the last time I did it....i have been clean for four months now and getting back on my feet, I have another job and have been back with my wife now for two months and my boy....!....i lost ever thing I ever loved and people I made friends on here and the people who trust me on here to send me money and for me to send them what they bought.....i never ment for this to get out of control like it did or screw people over like I did......i owe alot of people things on here that I sold to others just to keep my fix comeing ever day....If I could go back to the first day the doc gave me them pills I would tell her he'll no I don't want them they will ruin u.....i have been busting my ass to get back on my feet and apologize to ever one and get them what they asked for if I still have it....To most of u u might not belive this story but this is what happens and is the truth about my addiction....I had to hit rock bottom and being homeless to realize what was really going..Only after u hit rock bottom can u wake up and want to change...I hope that I can get people what they r owed and don't think of me as a bad person for the dumb stuff I did because I let some drug take control of me.......If u know any one who is going threw this please get them help be for it to late or they kill thems self!!!.....Dont enable them because u r only going to kill them slowly get them help be for it to late !!! I AM SO SORRY TO THE INTWATERS FAMILY!!! I hope no one goes threw what I went threw cuz this drug doesn't care who u r or what u love
  4. James montgomery

    Outboard boats for sale - selling most everthing

    Look I'm working on this plz, and no no one else should have to pick up anything I do, I did ask Mike to help me out awhile back to help ship this stuff out and would pay him back when money was released, so I could get all this stuff out because but he is busy with work, all payments where pending because it was in my wife's account and couldn't send anything because they where pending, us I have other things going on that I have been dealing with and yes If I didn't have the money to ship it out then I never should have sold it, but was not accounting for the money to be held for three weeks,I want to say sry to the guys that I have ran with and now have made look like fool's because they know me....and I'm sry to the people who have had to wait so lo g for there stuff, I will get the boats out to u Mitch as I just talked to u not that long ago on them, all plugs where sent postal mail, so not sure how long that will take......im not asking for any one to pick up any of my slack or even pay for it it is my doings and I will deal with it......now as that goes I have other stuff going on that I will not go in to details about that I have only told a few people, that promised me they wouldn't say anything on here about it and havent, thank u Lorenzo for keeping what we talked about between us, everyone I sold stuff to has my person am number, and can text me or call me at any time, I have try to communicate with all these people, and will continue to do so until they revive there stuf....pete u didn't sell me the fuel alan did u only payed for it and I payed u two weeks after u bought it for me because I couldn't pick it up, u all have my number and now k ow where the he'll i work at but do not call my damn job looking for me , they r already pissed because some one sent them this , because of someone saying where I work at, witch never should have been told as they didn't need to know what was going on but now do and sure I won't be there much longer after this, I'm not a bad guy nor have I ever been threw this much hate in my life befor,maybe if I told u guys what I have only told a few people u would k ow y this is going on but I will get all the rest of what needs to go out....i am very very truly sry u all had to wait and go threw this with me , I never intended for any of this to go this way at all or even end up being like this....this is my mess and only my mess and no one else mess and will clean it up best I can..mike, Marty Darryl,and to my boss I'm sry for makein g u guys look bad
  5. James montgomery

    Novarossi l/s out complete for sale

    I did Robert but has been sold to David hall, Rick pm sent brother
  6. James montgomery

    Novarossi l/s out complete for sale

    Have a nova Rossi outboard for sale complete, this nova is a ls with a lawless lower on it, it has htb pipe, and I belive a j@d speedmaster carb on it this is a very hot motor I got this motor from John night, I belive the motor was worked on by eirne lefler, if I remember correctly I decide to take it off the jd tunnel and keep the hull...i am asking 350 obo for complete setup, and does have extra crank and flywheel and the nova carb that cam with it plus a nova1 3rd channel needle.....i my split it up for the right price if I do these r the prices below.... 175 for motor plus extra crank and flywheel and carb 100 for lawless with extra skid plate and two flex shafts and extra scews and hung pin as well 80 for htb pipe.... Thanks for looking If u decide u want it then u can send payment to ,bemy69.james@gmail.com the frist on to say they take the complete set up gets it or split as I priced them thanks again for looking, I will also include the two main props I use on here has well a 1440 mod prop and x640 mod prop
  7. James montgomery

    Few stock props 1455s

    P.m sent alan
  8. James montgomery

    Few stock props 1455s

    30 for all three shiped have no use for these
  9. James montgomery

    Odonell glow plugs for sale

    All glow plugs will be sent out on Monday thank u guys for your buys, will pm with tracking on monday, and I do still have 24 purples left, for 90 shiped
  10. James montgomery

    Few stock props 1455s

    Got a few props that r stock was gonna sharpen and balance, but decided not to so will sell them...idk what they go for just stack think around 20 or 25 so I will sell them for 15 a peace and 40 for all of them plus shiping, one is a 1450 and other two r 1455
  11. James montgomery

    Odonell glow plugs for sale

    All plugs sold
  12. James montgomery

    Outboard boats for sale - selling most everthing

    Thank u David hall!!
  13. James montgomery

    K@B .21 power heads and parts lot, keely head buttons and turbo headbutton,

    I have divided to keep this stuff for back up for my jd
  14. James montgomery

    Jd tunnel mod

    Decide to keep this one so when I do come back I have a good boat thanks guys
  15. James montgomery

    Odonell glow plugs for sale

    Sounds good rick thank u