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  1. David Murany

    Happy Birthday Mike Betke

    Happy birthday Mike.
  2. David Murany

    contact inf for Doug Morrine

    John I will pass your number on to my dad. Thanks Dave Murany
  3. David Murany

    looking for contact info for Doug

    Hi John, I believe you are referring to my dad. I will relay the message to him as he doesn't have an account here. If he doesn't already have your phone number could you please pm it to me. Thanks Dave Murany
  4. David Murany

    Motor location

    What John said. Cg is the important thing to consider.
  5. David Murany

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

    Interesting. How much weight is added form the ceramic coating? I've had good luck with Carbon Fiber. Doesn't seem to absorb the heat. Really have to watch the cooling when using the Carbon pipes though.
  6. David Murany

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

    The shorter pipe is for a faster return of the pressure wave due to the heat loss from pipe. If you hold the heat you can run a longer pipe for launch and still achieve the high RPM.
  7. David Murany

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

    Yes but you can retain more heat with a different material. Heat sinks are made of aluminum and the purpose is to dissipate heat quickly. We want to hold that heat and use it to our advantage so why would we want aluminum? Most likely for cost and ease of production.
  8. David Murany

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

    The pipes are made of the wrong material to achieve both power and RPM. The aluminum dissipates heat so you then need to run shorter lengths to get the RPM and thus lose low end. This is why the wrapping of pipes has been catching on more. I don't have any scientific evidence to back my claim, just results from personal testing. So I'm concluding that under higher temps the pressure wave travels faster.
  9. David Murany

    Engine Bearings

    Mike, Do you still have me down for 2-45 VAC sets? Thanks Dave
  10. David Murany


    Use a Sullivan plastic tee and tap one of the ports to a 4-40. Then round the end of the screw.
  11. David Murany

    Roadrunner G10 67 Extreme sponson set

    Sold to Tim pending funds. Thanks Dave
  12. David Murany

    Roadrunner G10 67 Extreme sponson set

    I can't take less than the asking price. A new set costs $375 plus shipping.
  13. David Murany

    Roadrunner G10 67 Extreme sponson set

    I am selling my 67 Extreme G10 sponsons. They have never been wrecked and are in good shape. One tube has a line around it where I cut off an old carbon tube. $240 shipped in the US. Thanks for looking. Dave
  14. David Murany

    RC racing events

    Not sure where Bill is out of but if he's in the panhandle of Florida it could be because of the hurricane
  15. David Murany

    3rd Channel needle

    You want to use the needle with no groove regardless of what they call it.