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    Clear coat

    Jeff, Check out the Spray Max 2k Clear. It was recommended to me by coast air brush. It is by far the best clear I have used and it comes in an aerosol. The nitro doesnt affect it all, it drys crystal clear and is very durable. https://www.coastairbrush.com/proddetail.asp?prod=2_Part_Urethane_High_Gloss_Clear_Coat
  2. Kyle King


    I received my new tank from John. His quality and customer service Is second to none. Very nice tank. If you are considering having him build you a tank you wont be dssapointed. Thanks again John.
  3. Kyle King

    Walt Barney Tunnel Hull Tank

    Sold to Paul.
  4. Kyle King

    Walt Barney Tunnel Hull Tank

    Thanks Brian. It has worked out really well. Its been upside down a few times and I havent had any issues with water.
  5. Kyle King

    Walt Barney Tunnel Hull Tank

  6. Kyle King

    Walt Barney Tunnel Hull Tank

    Nice Walt Barney Tank I had built for a Vision 40. It would work great in other tunnel hulls as well. The tank is in great condition. It has a built in hopper and the capacity is 14.27 oz. please let me know if you have any questions. $45 shipped anywhere in the US.
  7. Kyle King

    RIP Joe Monohan 707

    Man, I just talked to Joe. He text me a picture of himself in the hospital saying it was going to be a little while before we could go run at Legg lake again. That was the last I heard from him. Very sad to hear that he has passed. I didnt know him long but he was a great guy and a good friend. RIP Joe....
  8. Kyle King

    FE glass outboard 36”

    Scott, I recently painted my vision hull. I got all the paint supplys from coast air brush. The guys over there are very helpful. I used house of colors paint and spray max clear. They will load the color you want in an aerosol can. The spray max clear is also in an aerosol. I just scuffed the gel, sprayed the base coat ( color ) then cleared it after with the spray max clear. The clear sprays really nice and is very durable. The nitro hasnt affected it all and the finish results were just as good as I have ever got with a spray gun. For clean lines I used then vinyl masking tape. For the windshield I used a template thats online for the VS1. https://www.coastairbrush.com/proddetail.asp?prod=SprayMax_1_Part_Clear_Coat
  9. Kyle King

    The Aussie’s are “Catching up”

    Awesome Kris. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Kyle King

    2 Nimh 1600/1700 Reciever Packs and Charger

  11. Kyle King

    3rd Channel Needle Setup

  12. Kyle King

    3rd Channel Needle Setup

    Still for sale.
  13. Kyle King

    3rd Channel Needle Setup

    Allan please PM me your shipping address so I can see how much the shipping will be.
  14. 2 Nimh Reciever Packs and Charger 1 - 1600mah Protek Rc Pack (only one cycle) 1 - 1700mah speedpack (only 4 cycles) 1 - Spentrum 150ma Charger $25 shipped anywhere in the US. Please let me know if you have any questions.