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  1. Got my tank,all good

    Thanks alot 

    Happy Holidays Dan

  2. Kyle  your tank is done and it is to the measurements it will mail out Wednesday thanks and merry Christmas make sure you flush with fuel before use thanks 

  3. Kyle john I didn't get your tank done today with the other tanks I had to build I got behind I am going to work on it during the week and ship out towards the end of the week sorry about that happy holidays 

  4. Kyle King

    Tunnel Hull SS Custom Fuel Tank & K&B 7.5 Pro Lower

    Both Items are sold. Thank you.
  5. Nice SS Custom fuel tank built by John. The tank is in great condition and has the larger 5/32 fuel tubes and internal hopper. This tank was built for a 40 vision tunnel hull. I’m sure it would fit others as well. The dimensions are in the pic below. $50 shipped anywhere in the US. Also I have good 7.5 pro lower unit that fits the Novarossi. It has a hyper flex shaft, 707 ride plate and comes with a new stump fab brass liner. The hinge pin has been bushed to remove slop. Replacement bushing can be bought from McMaster Carr if needed. $75 shipped anywhere in the US. Thanks, Kenneth
  6. Hey Kyle;

    The mounts are ready. 65.00 ea + shipping 10.00

    total $75.00

    PayPal is vic_spm@sbcglobal.net


    Thanks again

    Capt Vic



  7. Kyle King

    Clear coat

    Jeff, Check out the Spray Max 2k Clear. It was recommended to me by coast air brush. It is by far the best clear I have used and it comes in an aerosol. The nitro doesnt affect it all, it drys crystal clear and is very durable. https://www.coastairbrush.com/proddetail.asp?prod=2_Part_Urethane_High_Gloss_Clear_Coat
  8. Kyle King


    I received my new tank from John. His quality and customer service Is second to none. Very nice tank. If you are considering having him build you a tank you wont be dssapointed. Thanks again John.
  9. Kyle King

    Walt Barney Tunnel Hull Tank

    Sold to Paul.
  10. Kyle King

    Walt Barney Tunnel Hull Tank

    Thanks Brian. It has worked out really well. Its been upside down a few times and I havent had any issues with water.
  11. Kyle King

    Walt Barney Tunnel Hull Tank

  12. Kyle King

    Walt Barney Tunnel Hull Tank

    Nice Walt Barney Tank I had built for a Vision 40. It would work great in other tunnel hulls as well. The tank is in great condition. It has a built in hopper and the capacity is 14.27 oz. please let me know if you have any questions. $45 shipped anywhere in the US.
  13. Kyle King

    RIP Joe Monohan 707

    Man, I just talked to Joe. He text me a picture of himself in the hospital saying it was going to be a little while before we could go run at Legg lake again. That was the last I heard from him. Very sad to hear that he has passed. I didnt know him long but he was a great guy and a good friend. RIP Joe....