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  1. Brandon Atwell

    Set Up Board for Riggers Cats Thunderboat/Unlimited Hydroplanes

    These are awesome! If you do make more I’d be interested in one capable of doing outboards!
  2. Brandon Atwell

    7.5 Hi-Jack Outboard Mounts

    Awesome work! what is the offset from transom to pivot pin on one of these bad boys?
  3. Brandon Atwell

    advise needed

    Awesome Chris! we run all over District 13 in the south so if you got any questions, always more than happy to help. Charleston has awesome water, I always love making a race there with how well our stuff tends to run there.
  4. Brandon Atwell

    Lynx cut prop

    I don’t have a picture on hand, but in reference to a X series propeller, those props are detounged, with a V cut from the hub to trailing edge. I believe that the lynx cut particularly references that V cut on other models.
  5. Brandon Atwell


    IMPBA.net/vote.html it take about 30 seconds guys, let your voice be heard!
  6. Brandon Atwell

    Identifying Nova .46 sleeves

    Ahh, that’s where the taper was added. Thanks Martin, I was a lot younger when we had to deal with that situation. Hope we can catch you in Huntsville again soon!
  7. Brandon Atwell

    Identifying Nova .46 sleeves

    Have a couple .46 sleeves in the box, but not sure which design they are. I had one of the first generation motors that had to be modified to stop the sleeve from sticking at high temps. Is there a way to see the difference between the sleeves? Thanks for for any info guys!
  8. Brandon Atwell

    Lawless 3.5 drive F/S

    No sir, the arm is not included. I believe fred still sells them however.
  9. Brandon Atwell

    Lawless 3.5 drive F/S

    Price drop to $100 shipped
  10. Brandon Atwell

    Needed 1) 21 Tuned pipe like this.HELP!!!!

    I found a Picco pipe online, it looks very similar in design but it is a 10cc pipe (pipe number is 7020)
  11. Brandon Atwell

    Lawless 3.5 drive F/S

    Lawless 3.5 with the K&B shaft assembly. looking for $110 shipped. International covers additional fees. Thanks everyone!
  12. Brandon Atwell

    advise needed

    An O.S. Runs better with the canister from my experience. if anything, strap on the v2 muffler with the extended center section and you’ll pick up a couple mph. You’re in the ball park with the prop, also worth trying are a lynx cut x442, and an ABC 40x53
  13. Brandon Atwell

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Id guess an XTR-21, they still run well! You should have fun with it Pat!
  14. Brandon Atwell

    Nemesis replica w/ 35 plus Nova

    arrived safe and sound, thanks again!!