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  1. Ron Jefferson

    Nova 21

    I don't think they're going to me. Richard told me he had someone else interested. I assumed it was you.
  2. Ron Jefferson

    Nova 21

    I would do $100.00 for the lot shipped to Michigan 48060. Let me know...
  3. Ron Jefferson

    NLMBC swap meet

    Good turnout today. Great club atmosphere and good bunch of guys. Lots of deals to be had. Thanks! Ron
  4. Ron Jefferson

    Picco .45 EXR Blue Head package deal

    Not positive but that may be the markings of Joe Wiebelhaus.
  5. Ron Jefferson

    WTB AA .45 Parabolic pipe

    PM sent.
  6. Ron Jefferson

    WTB AA .45 Parabolic pipe

    PM replied.
  7. Ron Jefferson

    WTB AA .45 Parabolic pipe

    Looking for a used AA .45 pipe in L/N condition. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Ron
  8. Ron Jefferson

    Happy Birthday Zaker Sr!

    82 years young and still hanging out with Ron Jr. at the races. Class act! Happy Birthday Ron. Miss you guys. Ron J
  9. Ron Jefferson

    WTB Blackbird Gen 1 rigger

    No more Dirty Birds Mikey?
  10. Ron Jefferson

    Ray Sametz

    Happy Birthday to Ray. Have a good one buddy. Ron
  11. Ron Jefferson

    .21 Novarossi SS 2000 B/N

    That will work Brad. Paypal is rdjefferson05@gmail.com
  12. Ron Jefferson

    .21 Novarossi SS 2000 B/N

    New lower price with pipe included. $175.00 shipped to Canada or U.S. I'll ship anywhere if buyer pays added shipping costs.
  13. Ron Jefferson

    .21 Novarossi SS 2000 B/N

    I have a brand new short stroke Novarossi 2000 that's never seen fuel. Like to get $250usd shipped to Canada or the U.S. for it. Thanks for looking. Ron Ok guys, I'm thinking my price is a little high. How about $175 shipped and I'll throw in this B/N .21 pipe. SOLD
  14. Ron Jefferson

    Kep's 21

    An amazing deal and built to perfection. Take my word for it. Kerry's stuff is top notch! Ron
  15. Ron Jefferson

    Need fuel for IMPBA nats

    Jerry Crowther is registered. I believe he sells fuel and takes it to races. Ron