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  1. Jerry Muro

    Happy birthday Mark Sholund

    Enjoy your day Mark hope you have many more. Jerry
  2. Jerry Muro

    First JRX Gas Hydro

    Keep me posted on progress and I will do same going to keep testing I think there is more in it. Jerry
  3. Jerry Muro

    First JRX Gas Hydro

    The first JRX gas hydro in ACTION! https://youtu.be/FlgZAGtbAGo If the link doesn't work, go to you tube and search boatnutz
  4. Jerry Muro

    Happy birthday Brian!

    Happy Belated Birthday Brain hope you enjoyed YOUR day. Jerry
  5. Mike I m ready for a new and improved gas sport hydro "Bring It" Jerry. hope all is well
  6. Love it looks great like everything else you design. Happy Holidays to you and your family Mike. Keep up the good work talk to you soon Jerry
  7. Jerry Muro

    JRX Gas Rigger

    Yes Matt is correct I bought mine when listed but not cheap but yes very quiet. Keep your eyes open there out there.
  8. Jerry Muro

    JRX Gas Rigger

    John pipe is an M&D and yes it is quite and powerful but the boat is even better Joel builds a great boat and his quality is 2nd to none. Jerry
  9. Jerry Muro

    Starters and Battery charger for sale

    Rick please send me a PM with address for shipping and I will get started boxing up. Will you paypal payment or Money order? Let me know in PM
  10. Jerry Muro

    Starters and Battery charger for sale

    Rick I will but if shipping is more than 20.00 are you willing to split shipping?
  11. Jerry Muro

    Starters and Battery charger for sale

    No one needs a new starter??? will split up if need be how about 40.00 for each starter and I will split shipping in Conn USA only.
  12. Jerry Muro

    Starters and Battery charger for sale

    Sorry Tim set up board not inculded besides shipping would be to expensive. Jerry
  13. Mike I will take it. Will send payment this week Thanks Jerry
  14. Jerry Muro

    Starters and Battery charger for sale

    Guys my race buddy and I have stopped racing nitro ( miss it but) gas has taken over here in District 1 Namba, So I am selling the two Speed masters starer handles with starters and a battery charger all for 100,00 plus shipping. These were made to hook up directly to battery hung from table and the cord was also adapted to do a direct connect as seen in photos. All sales within Conn USA only this is a package deal don't want to separate. Thanks for looking Jerry
  15. Jerry Muro

    New power

    Just want to know why the sponsons are covered? Are they not stock? Martin when are you going to run a gas version ?