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  1. Travis Benjamin

    RCX Long beach convention center

    I'll be at the diamond hobby booth hope to see you there RCX.com
  2. Travis Benjamin

    RCX Long beach convention center

    June 1 and 2 this saturday and sunday
  3. Anyone going to be there?
  4. Just received these from shawn and man the glass work is amazing. I have a pair of the mec xs 200 OS outboard cowlings to go with em. If anyone has any setup suggestions I'm all ears.
  5. Travis Benjamin

    OS XM Outboard cowls for the US

    I trade live currency exchange rates and the paypal exchange rate no where near live broker rates. They prolly make atleast an additional 10%
  6. Travis Benjamin

    Happy Birthday Andy Brown!!

    happy birthday andy and thanks for everything my friend! Cheers Travis
  7. Travis Benjamin

    Triple Tree Aerodome May 11 - 18

    I'll be there. I guess I may be the only boater there though.
  8. Anyone going to be at joe nall next week?
  9. Travis Benjamin

    Switching my 43" Mono from Gas to Electric

    I would think the most you can use for 1200kv would be 8s. 10s maybe if you prop down but that'd be pushing it. Get an esc with data logging or buy an eagle tree data logger. Then you know your setups actual current draw and can fine tune your equipment
  10. Travis Benjamin

    prop time

    Use a table top belt sander. I got mine from harbor freight for about 30+/- with an online coupon. Sand each blade with a similar pattern. Then sandpaper 120 to 400 progressively and finish with scotchbrite dremel. Polish the face with any metal polish. Leave the back side scotchbrite finish.
  11. Travis Benjamin

    Hi-Jack Outboard Mount Close-out Sale

    Vic, Looks like I may need another is. You have anymore?
  12. Travis Benjamin

    PS295 Tunnel with OS FE outboard new unassembled

    I'd be interested in the hull only
  13. Travis Benjamin

    Stock Octura Props For Sale

    whats the price shipped on the 1445?
  14. Travis Benjamin

    OS XM Outboard cowls for the US

    Rodney, Put me down for 2 for now
  15. Travis Benjamin

    OS XM engine cover

    Marc, Looks like these are going to go fast. I'm still in for three. Travis