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  1. Buddy Benedict

    sport 20

    Dave, I am working on a bagging system and when I get it done I'll offer it.
  2. Buddy Benedict

    sport 20

    Sam, They are $240 shipped in the US
  3. Buddy Benedict

    sport 20

    Not doing any carbon yet.
  4. Buddy Benedict

    sport 20

    I guess I'll throw mine in the mix too. I purchased the molds to this sport 20 and now starting laying them up. Buddy
  5. Buddy Benedict

    Boats for sale

    The yellow sport 20 is from a mold that Dean Werges owned and I believe that boat belonged to Lynn or Steve Cooper. I bought the molds from Dean and there are 2 cowlings for it. One for the rear exhaust and one for side exhaust motors. Very good running boats.
  6. Buddy Benedict

    Fuel tank mounting

    Thanks guys. I'll leave the platform in place and mount the tanks on top of it.
  7. Buddy Benedict

    Fuel tank mounting

    This can go for any brand of tunnel hull, But I have an Aerotech with a CMB 45 on the back of it and would it be beneficial to cut out the tank platform and mount the tank on the bottom of the hull or just mount it on the platform. Mounting the tank on the bottom of the hull would lower the center of gravity but would it cause a problem with fuel draw? A 14oz tank with a small hopper on top of it would just clear the current level of the platform. Every other tunnel I have ran had the tank mounted on top of the platform so I haven't tried anything different. What do you think? Buddy
  8. Buddy Benedict

    IMPBA FE 1/8 scale motor options update

    Yes they would be less power that the current approved motors but, my intentions are to open the class up to more legal motors. For a person just wanting to try and convert an old nitro boat they have laying around, buying a TP Power at $130 verses a Plett at $800 is a lot more feasible just to try and see if they like FE. Thank you to the BOD for doing this. I believe it is a step in the right direction. Buddy Benedict
  9. Mike, What kind of mold release are you using?
  10. Buddy Benedict

    FE glass outboard 36”

    Since you are building an electric boat, there is no need of using the expensive base coat/clear coat automotive paints. Rattle cans will do just fine. But if you want to go with the auto paint, House Of Kolor or PPG 2021 are very good clear coats.
  11. Buddy Benedict

    Turnigy 3994 water jacket?

    Bought this motor to do some testing in my 1/8th Scale but I can't find a 39mm water jacket for it. I bought a 40mm thinking it would work but it fits very loose and won't work. Anybody know where to get a 39mm jacket at? Buddy
  12. Buddy Benedict

    1/8 Scale rules question

    There again, I am talking about the IMPBA 1/8 Scale FE Rules. Also Brian, you have a PM.
  13. Buddy Benedict

    WTB MAC 45 engine

    Here is one on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/rc-nitro-boat-motor-rigger-package-mac-45-and-compepition-marin-design-hardware-/253508293100?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10
  14. Buddy Benedict

    K & B 67 outb complete with CB carb

    Not going to make it to Johnston City. I'll get it at our next meeting.
  15. Buddy Benedict

    K & B 67 outb complete with CB carb

    If Ron takes the carb, I'll give you $100 for the rest of it. Buddy