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  1. Todd Fleury

    2016 "49th Annual Mini Gold Cup"

    Would love to attend this, but you guys are only gas and nitro.
  2. Todd Fleury

    2016 Michigan Cup June 24, 25, 26

    If anyone is considering attending, you should!
  3. There will indeed be a Michigan Cup in 2016. Open water on June 23 and racing for 3 days. 3 rounds per class. Classes haven't been pinned down yet but you can expect the usual fair. The range will be from SV27 to some form of T go fast debauchery. So it will be at: The Rochester North Oakland Elks Lodge 3100 Pond Road Leonard, MI 48367 Let's see...... amenities: The lodge has real honest to goodness bathrooms. You can actually bring wives and kids without grossing them completely out. I listed this first because the prota crappers......just ew. There will be food available. Likely for purchase. If the budget allows and attendance is good the club tries to pick up a lunch or two. No guarantees on that. It would be rare for us to not pick up something for us. After hours there is a huge deck and a complete Elks lodge available for fun and games. Pool table. Darts. Ping pong. Full bar (again, after hours). There are a handful of camp sites available that have water hookup and electricity. Last year they wanted $10 per night to hook up but I totally failed to inform anyone of that. Sorry guys. I'm sure they'll be looking for the same donation. If you're interested in staying on site let me know as we'll need to plan accordingly. I'm close enough to commute but still enjoy staying on site. I hall in my 30' trailer. Usually end up with a half dozen boat morons in my trailer. Others can surely point you to the best hotel options as they have tried many of them. I don't think I'm going out on a limb saying this event is one of the premier FE events of the season. The competition is great but more importantly the camaraderie is absolutely top shelf. Very few have had a bad time at the cup. We'll up date you here as more becomes available. Hope to see you all at the races this summer. Sign-up is on rcracingevents.com
  4. Todd Fleury

    "snuggie boat covers"

    Do you have a cover that fits a 1/6th scale with rear wings? Do you embroider?
  5. Todd Fleury

    Detriot Scale racing?

    I do know we have a good group of FE 1/8 scales in the D as well.
  6. Todd Fleury

    Grand Prix Classic: World Challenge

    I'm assuming it is run what you have as long as it is within the rules of NAMBA.
  7. Todd Fleury

    Peter's & May

    I am located in Michigan. I have not called them. I have sent them an number of messages.
  8. Todd Fleury

    Peter's & May

    They had repeatedly asked Mike Luszcz for a 1/8th scale Peters & May. Since it was the end of the season, I thought it would be a nice gesture to loan them the boat.
  9. Todd Fleury

    Peter's & May

    So I loaned my 1/8th scale Peters and May hydroplane to the U-11 team for the year. I have repeatedly reached out to them to see when they would send it back or even if it is still in excellent condition. No response. What should I do?
  10. Todd Fleury

    2015 Madison Regatta

    How about a 1/6 scale turbine hydroplane.
  11. Todd Fleury

    Turbine Scales.

    Al, I wish to run it as an exhibition class. Todd
  12. Todd Fleury

    Turbine Scales.

    Yes, but if you read the rule book, it says: Method of propulsion will be of the type that functions by propeller contact with the water or air. Air prop driven boats will be limited to “1/2 A” or "A" class engines only, see Section 10 – rule A.1. Boats propelled with air props must have the prop shrouded, and must have an underwater rudder or skeg of at least one inch square. Inertia reaction devices such as rockets or jets are prohibited. The turbine engine is propeller driven.
  13. Todd Fleury

    Turbine Scales.

    I have been able to get the boat to 118 mph, but that was with a voltron gps.
  14. Todd Fleury

    Turbine Scales.

    Not looking for a oval racing class. Just looking to run it at SAW events.
  15. Todd Fleury

    Turbine Scales.

    And another thing, the jetcat turbine engines actually run a glow plug.