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  1. Ronnie Lerew

    FS Prather Exhaust Throttle (SOLD)

    Joseph check with your wife PayPal didn't post yet.
  2. Ronnie Lerew

    L F 1/32 plywood scraps

    Looking for some 1/32 plywood scraps that measure 1 1/4" X 12" Making a mockup cowling and only need a few pieces. Ron
  3. Ronnie Lerew

    L F 1/2 ID sponson tubes

    Need two 1/2 ID alumimun sponson tubes minimum 12" long. Will consider CF if price is right. Ron
  4. Ronnie Lerew

    FS Prather Exhaust Throttle (SOLD)

    Check your messages It has been posted there. Ron
  5. Ronnie Lerew

    FS Prather Exhaust Throttle (SOLD)

    Nothing posted yet in PP. It's boxed and ready to be mailed Thanks Ron
  6. Good  morning  ronnie , send payment imfo,address  so we can pay u.ready.

  7. Ronnie Lerew

    FS Prather Exhaust Throttle (SOLD)

    Joseph It's yours. Sent you a message asking for address to get shipping cost. If your zip is 07860 the shipping would be $4.80 total $24.80 shipped Ron
  8. Ronnie Lerew

    Set Up Board for Riggers Cats Thunderboat/Unlimited Hydroplanes

    Alex, Can I be put on your list for one set up table. What is the length for set up will it support the length of a gas zipkits envoy. Ron
  9. Replacement Motor Mounts for 3.5 K&B Outboard and Aeromarine Brackets $2.00 each plus shipping.
  10. Ronnie Lerew

    FS Prather Exhaust Throttle (SOLD)

    Prather Exhaust Throttle fits .45 K&B $20 plus shipping. Just added this 45 K&B for parts as is.
  11. Ronnie Lerew

    FS K&B .45 Carbs

    .45 K&B Carbs different mounts sizes. $15 each plus shipping.
  12. Ronnie Lerew

    FS K&B 7.5 Super Pro Outboard

    K&B 7.5 Super Pro Outboard. $295 plus shipping. Doesn't have muffler I was running a tuned pipe, will throw in header for extra $15. Was packed away waiting for new bearings to be installed and is in great shape.
  13. Ronnie Lerew

    CMB Tuned Pipes 45 and 21 (SOLD)

    Richard and Mike getting them wrapped up today there yours. SOLD
  14. Ronnie Lerew

    CMB Tuned Pipes 45 and 21 (SOLD)

    CMB Tuned Pipes 21 and 45. 45 pipe never used and the 21 pipe used very little. $40 each plus shipping. Ron
  15. Ronnie Lerew

    Engines / parts for sale

    What size header in the box located top left and how much. Ron