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  1. charles siler

    Phill Thomas Stealth 45

    Nice build You might be over cooling only use the top and block off the bottom.
  2. charles siler

    Engine Bearings

    Got my stuff I today thanks
  3. charles siler

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    What miss me your not going to the Championships? W W W W W W W F F F F F F O O O. O O. O
  4. charles siler

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Ya no doubt I want a heads up battle royal almost last race . What’s funny is if it’s not the turtles it’s the gators lol Survive the earthquake but not the damage just a pain in the butt.
  5. charles siler

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Nope raptor 2819s are faster
  6. charles siler

    Roadrunner Twin 45 Extreme

    Nice work Dave! did you guys make larger Spray bars? Coolness
  7. charles siler

    WTB H29's

  8. charles siler

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

  9. charles siler

    Happy birthday Dick Tyndall

    Happy birthday Dick:)
  10. charles siler

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Tap the picture for Ian’s movie Race day is a different ballgame Chucky!!! Oh by the way your Avatar picture says a lot fly boy lol:) I asked this last year you coming racing or you going to sit in back of your computer and it’s 30 racers in the twin class. Have a nice flight
  11. charles siler

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Mark faster than over a 100 hope so we’re all Raising the bar it’s time for it I think.
  12. charles siler

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Well thanks young man can’t wait to race again. The earthquake has really slowed things down all’s good.
  13. charles siler

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Thanks Allan you can see if I put the hammer down it moves out lol the pipes are still pretty long at a 11 1/4 “ starting to get a better handle on the new struts and it’s really looking better than last January championships . Ya still have to survive all of the heats a lot of great drives and super fast boats.
  14. charles siler


    Dave how does that react when you heat the case to change bearings?