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  1. Scott Liddycoat

    Zipp kits SLR missile

    Here is a video from Huntsville a few weeks ago. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5uxwd8zUWQQ
  2. Scott Liddycoat

    SLR twin record run

    Its another Olympic swimming pool facility.
  3. Scott Liddycoat

    SLR twin record run

    Set up is (2) 260 Zenoah's, Zippkit pipes and ABC props.
  4. Scott Liddycoat

    SLR twin record run

    Here is video of my SLR gas twin setting the 1/3 oval record. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1cYyhZ-bMKk
  5. Thanks to the Huntsville crew, great job! I can't wait to come back.
  6. Scott Liddycoat

    1/6 drivers

    Thanks guys. The servo operated head gives me some ideas!
  7. Scott Liddycoat

    1/6 drivers

    Correct, I'm looking for a driver for my gas scale lobster. Thanks
  8. Scott Liddycoat

    1/6 drivers

    Is there anyone making modern day enclosed cockpit drivers? I have emailed Larry. Thanks
  9. Scott Liddycoat

    Is this legal for racing?

    I have been playing with a Futaba G190 gyro controlling a front canard... it's amazing how quick it reacts!
  10. Scott Liddycoat

    Gas Scale Winston Eagle Lobster

    Hey guys I Just start my gas scale Winston Lobster! Got the Kit from Mike @ ML looks great! I got one Johns cowl what a piece of work. I can't wait for the Gas Nats here in Smithfield we should a good field of gas scales!
  11. Scott Liddycoat

    scale toy blower motor engines die cast cars

    Are any of these left?
  12. Scott Liddycoat


    Shoot me a total shipped to 23434
  13. Scott Liddycoat


    I'll take them
  14. Scott Liddycoat


    Are the 2 longest Seaducer blades still available? If so I'll take them.