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    Today's idea during lunch break

    Execellent idea. Great simple execution.
  2. Phil Fowler


    Dennis, Thanks for your reply, Yes am running convential strut with skeg at moment. I was just wondering if it would effect the boat or not. Phil
  3. Phil Fowler


    I realise that it will act as another ride surface. Has anyone run a flat bottomed strut on a R42? What handling changes did it make?
  4. Phil Fowler

    octura Y572/3

    Any one run one ? If so on what? Just curious.
  5. Ray Sametz, on 10 Mar 2018 - 1:35 PM, said: One of the local boaters had one of these. I think it's a PIP A 180. I.e. two PIP A 90's linked.
  6. Found the one I was thinking of . Flying Models issue 3/91. Note offset drive line to allow for outboard (7.5cc) laying on its side. Ran 3 chanel rudder, Throttle and Horizontal Stabiliser.
  7. The one I remember had an outboard motor on its side and used the outboard PTO to drive cable. Narrow chord wing between the sponsons. Is this the one you're thinking of? Have the article some where.
  8. Phil Fowler

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. In summer in New Zealand (South Pacific). May all have Joy and Happiness this season.
  9. Phil Fowler

    Looking for suggestions

    Mike, Rick answered it in #2. Take a piece of hose to your local hose supply store and match the hose to the correct tail and get an Oeticker(spelling) Twin ear clamp.
  10. Phil Fowler

    K & B .67 Parts

    Yes Keen. Did you get the email?
  11. Phil Fowler

    K & B .67 Parts

    Bob, Did you get my email?
  12. Phil Fowler

    K & B .67 Parts

    Certainly can do that thanks.
  13. Phil Fowler

    K & B .67 Parts

    Looking for parts for a fellow club member. In particular wrist pin(2) and retaining clips. Interested in other parts as well.. I'm in New Zealand so international shipping required
  14. Phil Fowler

    scuffing or waxing which better faster

    Which way do you sand? Bow to transom or keel to chine?
  15. Phil Fowler

    Noise suppression

    Try a Baffle between the carb and the open top. Sound doesn't like to travel around corners.