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  1. David Santistevan

    3.5 Lawless outdrive

    Payment sent. Thank you.
  2. Dave will ship outdrive today if you can address thanx Tim

  3. David Santistevan

    3.5 Lawless outdrive

    Okay. I will take it.
  4. David Santistevan

    3.5 Lawless outdrive

    I will take it if it includes the mount.
  5. David Santistevan

    OS outboard

    I will take it
  6. David Santistevan

    Carbon-carbon Pistons

    Interesting article Lohring, What I found most intriguing was the possibility of carbon-carbon engine blocks! Huge deal for the automotive industry but consider what that would mean to model airplanes. Less weight and friction, less emissions. Super cool. Thanks for sharing.
  7. David Santistevan

    Futaba 4PX

    I will take it.
  8. David Santistevan

    NAMBA and IMPBA Hall of Fame

    Agreed Roger, I am not sure why that would be a disqualifying criteria. Some of NAMBA's most notable HOF members were people like Al Prather, Steve Muck, Al Hobbs and Lenny Blake just to name a few. I have never heard of anyone retiring to the Riviera from selling toy boats. Most who sell model boating products do so out of their love for the hobby or a way to help pay for the hobby.
  9. David Santistevan

    NAMBA and IMPBA Hall of Fame

    I hope Jerry Dunlap can chime in here and add to the conversation. I believe he is the chair of the Hall of Fame for NAMBA. In any case it's hard to really draw a circle around who is or isn't criteria because this is a subjective decision based on some guidelines. The most important thing to remember is that YOU HAVE TO BE NOMINATED by someone to even be considered in NAMBA. Even if you have someone is well deserving, someone must nominate them and tell their story to the current HOF members so that they can vote on whether to admit that person. If you believe there is someone who has been overlooked then fill out the nomination and submit it. If you know someone who has been nominated and not admitted, even then then there could have been multiple submissions and they may have chosen someone else they thought was more deserving within that selection of candidates. Roger to your point, it is not the BOD that votes on the HOF, I believe it is the HOF members themselves that constitute the voting members. I am not the chair nor have I ever participated in the process but this is MHO of how this all works from discussions I have had with people who have.
  10. David Santistevan


    I have some if you can’t find one!
  11. David Santistevan


    Are they unavailable? Try Ron Shaw at Rossi USA
  12. David Santistevan

    Classic Thunderboat driver

    Alex, those are amazing! Thanks!
  13. David Santistevan

    Classic Thunderboat driver

    Does anyone know what scale the Classic Thunderboat class is? I am trying to find a driver and any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,
  14. David Santistevan

    SOLD Thunderboat $850 RTR

    What a beautiful boat and build. Nice snag! I would have taken it if I could have gotten it here to Denver.
  15. David Santistevan

    2019 NAMBA Nationals Sponsorship

    Can I get a complete list of the current sponsors for the website or should I just redirect them here for this info