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  1. Paul Renna

    New K&B outboards?

    I've got one on order You're probably right Carl, I know they used to put the 13cc Outboard on the MRP 1/4 scale tunnel (48" long) back in the day We're going to try one on the back of one of our Gas Tunnels.
  2. Paul Renna

    What happen to the Silver Bullet Pipe

    We stock the #6100 $95.00 .21 Outboard Pipe - Original design ( it has a longer rear cone angle. Its a little better top end pipe on most applications) #6101 $95.00 .21 Outboard Pipe - Heat Racing (the rear cone has a wider/ steeper angle that is in Mark's opinion is a better choice for heat racing) #6102 $105.00 .45 Outboard Pipe #6103 $115.00 .67 Outboard Pipe NOTE All Silver Bullet pipe include a silicon coupler and the mounting wire. All prices are plus shipping We also stock the .21, .45, .67 K&B headers they sell for $55.00 pictures to follow Still working on the site, if you are interested contact me at sales@ptiracing.com THANKS for your patience Paul
  3. Paul Renna

    What happen to the Silver Bullet Pipe

    Sorry Everyone My email address was compromised/hacked according to my web service. Its back up now... We do stock all of the Silver Bullet pipes and headers. They are not on the site (www.ptiracing.com) because we ran into a problem with our new shipping calculator. Guess when it rains it pours We are working on both of these issues now I'll publish a list with prices later today or you can contact me sales@ptiracing.com
  4. Paul Renna

    1/4 Scale Tunnel

    Yes, I'll be there Sunday.... Going to do some testing and get a key Also we are trying to get some Nitro and FE racing going again at Legg, I'll fill you in Sunday if you can make it
  5. Dan 

    Saw your 1/4 scale tunnels  THEY LOOK GREAT

    Any chance I could buy one of the cowls, I'd like to try it on our GX-480

  6. Paul Renna

    1/4 Scale Tunnel

    Alex I think I met you at Legg lake awhile back... I have one of our Gas tunnels on the building table now so I can write the instructions Maybe we can meet up at the lake sometime and you can take a look at it
  7. Paul Renna

    WTB Htb 7.5 k&b bolt on header

    Yes PTI now stocks Silver Bullet tuned pipes and headers We are adding them to the web site (www.ptiracing.com). In mean time, if you have any questions please contact me at sales@ptiracing.com
  8. Paul Renna

    "Trim the Fleet" sale 2

    Sorry for the dump question. But I am just getting into Gas We have a Gas Tunnel hull kit we are offering. I am trying to get a motor for my boat I am interested GA-11 – Gizmo Motors GZR-2. I checked the Gizmo site and can't find any info on the GZR-2 Since I plan on racing in NAMBA mostly. I'd like to know the size to be sure it legal, and any other info you/ he might have on this Thanks Paul PTI Racing
  9. Paul Renna

    New NX-400

    Scott You have a PM
  10. Paul Renna

    F/S Outrigger

    If its a .21 boat I'll pass.... But if its a 40 size Coyote I'M still very interested Had a Gator back in the day and just loved it
  11. Paul Renna

    F/S Outrigger

    If Frank passes I'll take it
  12. Paul Renna

    New NX-400

    Scott Is this still available. I may have someone that is interested
  13. Paul Renna

    paul renna

    Bob The NX-400 comes complete with all the plywood parts needed to build the boat and radio box And it includes a White gel coat cowl trimmed to fit the hull The price is $255.95 plus shipping We also have a prebuilt NX 400 available if you're interested
  14. Paul Renna

    gas tunnel hull wood kits

    Sorry No videos yet. Seems like every time I go out no ones around to film it These are from Mark Scott.. perhaps it will help This has the New Rossi 67 on it Our new 40 inch Fast Electric (Q class) is almost finished hope to hit the water soon
  15. Paul Renna

    gas tunnel hull wood kits

    We have one also www.ptiracing.com, we are updating the site now with the information on the 480 I've tried to attached some pictures to this but can't get it to work. If you're interested please give me your email address and I'll send you photos of the kit during construction and a completed boat You can also contact me at sales@ptiracing.com