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  1. John Knight

    Fuel Doctor Needle Valve FOR SALE

    David, Hate to say, that is not a Ferrette remote needle unit, it is a Fuel Doctor brand. I have had and still have both of them in hand.
  2. John Knight

    WTB AA .45 Parabolic pipe

    I did have one but checked and it is gone - sorry.
  3. John Knight

    Looking For An Andy Brown 21-Parabolic Pipe?

    There are 3 parabolic 21 pipes and are: 21 S - short 21 std - standard 21L - long. Ensure what one you need. I am omitting the 21 fat pipe. I have some of each, excluding the fat pipe. I have 2 of the 21 Short, 1 each of the 21 Standard and 21 Long. Check out Andy's website to determine the differences. cmdracing.com
  4. John Knight

    Silent engine.

    Dan, Greatest condolences to you and your mother. Very tough losing a sibling. I lost my only sister at the age of 51. I attended 3 races at Brandon and one at Orlando (some years ago) and do not recall him there. That is why I was asking as well at the CMB races. John
  5. John Knight

    Silent engine.

    For the life of me I cannot picture Mike in my mind. Dan is easy to remember, but I cannot picture Mike. Does anyone have one to post to put a name with a face?
  6. John Knight


  7. John Knight


    Al, Will get some info to you soon. Need your e mail. Was sure I had it but not in my address book. John Shane - prefer to ship within US due to cost, time delay and distance.
  8. John Knight


    I have 3 of them, with spare parts too.
  9. John Knight

    WTB Zoom or Orlic Carb CMB 45

    Joe, Send me your e mail for me to send the pic. More info will be in the e mail. John
  10. John Knight

    WTB Zoom or Orlic Carb CMB 45

    Joe, I used to have some CAM engines but no longer do so I am not sure and honestly doubt it. Don't recall that they have the same symmetry for the front ends. John
  11. John Knight

    WTB Zoom or Orlic Carb CMB 45

    Joe, Are you looking for one for the blue head VAC? If so, I have a ZOOM that will fit that engine as well as the Picco 45 blackhead. It is the original test prototype for the Picco and was fitted for the VAC by Charles.
  12. John Knight

    NR quit pipe support bracket

    These also can be found in any hardware store, electrical section, as they are electrical wire clamps.
  13. John Knight

    AB Parabolic.21 pipe header combo.

    GO Engines made a header that looks just like that one.
  14. John Knight

    Mod VP rules

    If anyone is interested in one of Mark's OMC MOD VP hulls, in excellent condition, PM me or e mail me at 3hydroracer@gmail.com It is version 2 (latest) of his production models. It is a fun class and you must drive it carefully. Takes some skill and it can be learned quickly. Andy - Marty has my 1st version hull.