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  1. Kevin Brevoort

    For SALE

    A Leecraft for sale! Calling Ron Shaw, calling Ron Shaw!
  2. Kevin Brevoort

    Beware of eBay Outboard Tunnel with two K&B Red Heads- SCAM

    these eBay sellers need a swift kick to the head but for now a fraud report will have to do
  3. Kevin Brevoort

    WTB Equi Outboard Pipes

    Equi pipes are the best!!
  4. Kevin Brevoort

    Vintage Mono Hull's

    cool! Looks like an older Picco 45 (1980's or 1990's)? I just love these Youngblood hulls. What is the other (yellow) hull? It's a Newbe Craft
  5. Kevin Brevoort

    Vintage Mono Hull's

    Very cool I'm currently running a Youngblood with a picco 45. One of my best running boats! Its the blue one
  6. Kevin Brevoort


    I should do that
  7. Kevin Brevoort

    My Boats

  8. Kevin Brevoort

    stock outboard engine rules

    If you are racing in an IMPBA race then you should adhere to the IMPBA rulebook. It doesn't matter if the boat is NAMBA legal. You should know the rules of the organization that is holding the race and follow them.
  9. Kevin Brevoort

    ML-Boatworks GS480

    DANG!!! Looks good
  10. Kevin Brevoort

    Kneeler Outboard 1

  11. Kevin Brevoort

    1/8th Scale Coors Light

    When did you get this???
  12. Kevin Brevoort

    Express CraftThunder Caterman

    That is a bit excessive!
  13. Kevin Brevoort

    Two New TecnoPower .21 Powerhead Engines

    that lower looks awesome! http://ne-stuff.blogspot.com/2011/02/prototype-tp-21-outboard-rig.html
  14. Kevin Brevoort

    Atlanta Twin F Hydro Heat

    i took this video