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  1. DJT

    Lapping compound

    Just a suggestion, try googling " jb bore bright" and "jb bore compound" both are non-imbedding.
  2. DJT


    Saw Mike this evening, seemed to be fairing fairly well. Wish I had more to give him than a pair of boots and a pair of tennis shoes that were riding around in the back of my truck. He mentioned that his phone only held the numbers of the last ten calls and that sometimes he had to wait until some of you guys called to get your number written down so he would have it, it might be nice for thoes of you that he calls, if you would PM him with your phone number so the next time he is online he can get them written down. Every little bit helps. He also said he had finally found an apartment and will be moving in July first. We have some clothes for him, and the local Gander Mountain outdoor store has committed large supplies of blankets, batteries, clothes, shoes, and many other things to the relief effort. My father works for a company whose owner sits on the board of directors for Gander Mountain, so I will be heading to the wharehouse tomorrow after work to hand pick some things for Mike and Shelly. We drove around Mike's neighborhood this evening (as we have not yet been allowed back into our own) only blocks from our own house and I cannot explain to you the devastation that we felt and also saw on the faces of all the people clearing their life's posession onto the soggy streets to be hauled away. Through this ordeal we have come to realize what a great support system we have and how lucky we truly are. I can promise you that Mike now counts all of you as that same amazing support system. I can also not explain to you how much it means to my wife and I that you are all part of doing something so amazing for a guy who has always been an amazing friend to us. Mike is absolutely top notch and so are all of you for your truly wonderful efforts! We hope that one day in the future we will again be able to watch for Mike on Sunday mornings as he drives past our house on the way to the lake and honks and waves just in case we're around to see it. Like Mike said to us tonight, we will make it through this--it will be a long road, but we'll make it.
  3. DJT


    If anyone is interested here are some pictures of my flood damaged house. Mike and Shelly were not as lucky as me, they got very little out of their house before the water came in. My coworkers and I were able to get most of my stuff to the second floor. We thought that the stuff we left on the first floor would survive a couple feet of water, we got about 6 feet on the first floor. After looking at these pictures, please remember that my wife and I are some of the lucky ones, others do not have flood insurance, and many more lost everything.
  4. DJT


    Just talked to Mike on the phone, he is much worse off than me, I have flood insurance and a place to stay with my pets. I was also fortunate enough to get my possesions up to the second floor with the help of 11 coworkers( I owe them more than I can repay). That being said the generousity of the members of this board is second to none, and being as how I am fairing better than Mike, I would like all the donations and raffle procedes to go to him. I am here if you need me for anything Mike. Thank you very much. Derek Thornton
  5. DJT

    compession gauge

    Why not try one like this? http://www.dynamiterc.com/Products/Default...?ProdID=DYN2514
  6. DJT

    Home-made twin .21 catamaran

    Is the screw holding the sensor mount to the motor mount holding a magnetic charge. It looks like stainless, but some stainless will hold a magnetic charge. If the tool used to insert the screw was magnetic, it could have transfered the charge. Just an idea.
  7. DJT

    Broken tap in engine mount

    I work in a machine shop and we don't let a 4 dollar tap ruin a 400 dollar part, we use acid to remove broken taps from aluminum.
  8. DJT

    o/t Got Glue?

    PL 400 http://www.stickwithpl.com/Products/detail...?PLProductID=12
  9. DJT

    3M products - who can order easily?

    WWW.mscdirect.com Part# 65861866
  10. DJT

    Epoxy fix?

    Mike, the same thing happened to my rigger, I used baking soda to soak up the fuel. Any type of thinner and you run the risk of softening the glue joints. Call me if you have questions. Derek
  11. I would hate to see the chat room go by the wayside. I've had some excellent conversations in it. Maybe you could set a specific chat night. And would moving the chat bar that tells you who is in the room to the top of the screen help so you could see who is in the room without scrolling to the bottom of the screen.
  12. DJT

    Prop anvils for sale

    Hey guys sorry about the delay, last week was crazy at work and yesterday was my wedding, and tomorrow I'm leaving for my honeymoon. So if you haven't heard from me yet i'll be checking back with you in a week to see if you still want the anvils. Once again sorry for the delay.
  13. DJT

    Prop anvils for sale

    Someone at jim's was looking for this post so i'll bump it to the top.
  14. DJT

    Entry Level Racing Class

    you might want to add something about the boat remaining stock, none of this stock appearing stuff. As soon as people start sending the motors out to be modded you lose the beginners and blow the low price benefit.
  15. DJT

    Small Zenoah engines

    I think the Weedeater brand makes a 15cc.