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  1. Joey Jones

    .46 props

    Any info adds to the knowledge-base; Thanks Kris. Cheers, -Joey
  2. Joey Jones

    .46 props

    All good data-points, Thanks Mic and Brian. Much appreciated. I've got a lot of reading to do! -Joey
  3. Joey Jones

    .46 props

    Ok, good to note. I think that I liked the way that ran. However, I mailed it back to you the following week Thanks for the data-point, Dave. I'll make sure to do some research on that too. -Joey
  4. Joey Jones

    .46 props

    Hey Alan, long time no see. Thanks for the response, I need to get up with you on a few things. I'll shoot you a PM or an email soon. Anyway, I wasn't aware of the more strict sound requirements. I should have looked into that more seriously a few years ago. Ill need to address that soonish, I reckon. The 1450 was the only prop that I ran on my D boat. Minus whatever it was that Carl let me borrow at the last HSV race I ran in. My 1450 came from you and ran well it seemed. I folded it up on a poor launch in shallow water. Haven't heard about the 1914, I will look into that as well. I may be sending an order or two you way in a while. Thanks for the info! -Joey
  5. Joey Jones

    .46 props

    I've been away for a while, but good to see the forum still kickin'. Last time I ran my NR .46 was with a lynx-cut 1450. Is there anything new out these days? It's a Vision hull, for now. Cheers to all my friends! -Joey
  6. Joey Jones

    This is BIG NEWS for RC.

    Hey Jeff, Yeah, I saw that. Truly a shocker. Honestly, though, Hobbico had a knack for buying up companies and killing them, so I can see how their debts are that high (and wow, that's a LOT of debt!). There are a lot of cheap hobby products out there, from a multitude of outlets being offered over the past decade. That couldn't have helped them at all. But, I'm a computer dork, not a business man, so best of luck to their many employees. Hopefully they can find a buyer soon. -Joey
  7. Joey Jones

    On the Clock Podcast

    Thanks to all doing this, I really enjoyed episode #1. I missed racing last year and this was just the ticket to get me fired up. Got #2 downloaded, and looking forward to it. -Joey
  8. Thanks, is the night race going to be just one class or? If so which class? At the last Summer Outboard Shootout, it was 3 classes (B Sport, B, and D), if I recall correctly. Talk about a SHOW! -Joey
  9. I saw that! Going to be good to run with you again, Jeff! This is shaping up to be one awesome event. -Joey
  10. Joey Jones

    Who's In ?

    Andy, IMPBA Sport B tunnel is "stock-appearing" (mine is bone-stock, as are most others that I know of). IMPBA "B tunnel" is the mod class. I think that is what you were asking... -Joey
  11. Joey Jones

    Who's In ?

    Oh yeah, this one is on the calendar. Can't wait to get back! -Joey
  12. Joey Jones

    Lets talk outboard drives!

    This has also been my experience so far. Not a big deal, since I generally go over everything before fueling. I might try the K&B lower at some point just for comparison sake. Got a race this coming weekend to worry about first, though! -JB
  13. Joey Jones

    Lets talk outboard drives!

    Not sure. I'm running the hyperformance prop shaft and Fred's shafts (lawless) with the teflon tube in my 7.5 lawless. -Joey
  14. Joey Jones

    Lets talk outboard drives!

    Ron, I just spoke with him, he said he will have the water cooled version ready by next week. That's great news. I run one of Joe's pipes on my .46 Nova D-Tunnel. Interested in his other pieces of work. -Joey