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  1. Lay26

    Shipping a Trailer

    http://www.tripleatrailers.com/ here you go guys
  2. a happy Thanksgiving to all

  3. Lay26

    Slingshot almost done

    ok based on my experience(I've built 4 so far) i realized that i the front brace get in the way when adjusting the AOA in the initial testing period. I made the same mistake on my second build of gluing in both the brace and the rears. the rears will need adjusting even if you use the recommended settings in the instructions. right now on my first 2 slingshot my rear sponsons were set as per instructions and one has the rears 3/16 off the set up board. my third slingshot has no rear sponsons attached. the initial test from last weekend was eye opening cause the boat seems faster than the first 2. i do however see that where you need the rears is in the turns. Doug twaits at a race, shared his thoughts That the rears should be 2 deg AOA with no 1/8 ride pad. this is what I'm currently testing for the last two boats. dont misunderstand....the provided instructions are good the way there suggested. but i like my boats running a bit light on the water so these adjustment got me to what i want,
  4. Lay26

    Slingshot almost done

    Send me your email addy
  5. Lay26

    Slingshot almost done

    I could help you with some instructions
  6. Lay26

    Slingshot almost done

  7. Lay26

    Slingshot almost done

    hope you didn't glue on the rear sponsons yet. testing shows that there are two things you don't do right away first do not attach rear sponsons right away 2nd do not attach the brace over the fuel bag right away
  8. Lay26

    tower hobbies

    anyone knows whats going on with tower hobbies aquacraft and hobbico? they don't seem to have anything available
  9. Lay26

    Blazer Marine Sling Shot rigger

    its a real runner....I've built a few not hard just need to stay committed to the end
  10. Lay26

    WTB: old pipes

    bottom one is a good one ops3280
  11. Lay26

    WTB 45 Engine

    i may have what your looking for.
  12. Lay26

    ISO Older Gas JAE Rigger Cowl

    its not the same as the blazer cowl ....it may look the same but its not
  13. Lay26

    WTB MAC 45 Engine

    I'm thinking it was the 04 cmb 45 that was the same as the mac 45
  14. Lay26

    Help ID Sport 40

    definitely looks like a gen 1 AC sport with the gen 2 cowl
  15. Lay26

    Information about Marks Shoulund

    you definitely will be happy in the end Marks props are worth the wait. Mark we will continue to pray for your daughter.