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  1. Rudy Formanek

    WTB Htb 7.5 k&b bolt on header

    Got two of these headers left. $45.00 each plus $3.65 shipping lower 48. Paypal F&F or add 3.8%.
  2. Rudy Formanek

    Hopper tanks

    Lohring Miller came down from Oregon to one of Fremont Cal's spring races, he said he saw no need for a hopper tank on his tunnel. Later in the day while racing he came around the left hand corner and over turned and went into the infield part of the back straight, he had to correct by giving the boat some left. His boat died just before the first buoy of the left turn. I must say he taught me something that day.
  3. Rudy Formanek

    WTB - .90 SGX sponsons

    email sent
  4. Rudy Formanek

    Needed 1) 21 Tuned pipe like this.HELP!!!!

    The 21 Parabolic pipe that Steve Ball was selling is very close in shape to that pipe, but with a muffler can on the back, you might try going with that if you can find another.
  5. Rudy Formanek

    W.T.B. 7.5 K&B Outboard Header

    One header sold, paid for and shipped, two unspoken for.
  6. Rudy Formanek

    Two new Steve Muck 15CC pipes

    Pipes sold, money received, pipes mailed.
  7. Rudy Formanek

    Two new Steve Muck 15CC pipes

    I checked I have no 21 Steve Muck pipes, I have a forty and a few different 60 muck pipes. All Muck and International pipes had a weld like in the 15cc pics. I believe the pipe you have is Italian.
  8. Rudy Formanek

    W.T.B. 7.5 K&B Outboard Header

    PM sent.
  9. Rudy Formanek

    Two new Steve Muck 15CC pipes

    Mike, do you know what the dimensions are?? I have a few more Muck/Intenational pipes but they are not in the bag and have no markings on them.
  10. Rudy Formanek

    Two new Steve Muck 15CC pipes

    Jeff PM sent.
  11. Rudy Formanek

    Two new Steve Muck 15CC pipes

    Unobtanium to the max, 2.5" largest Dia. About 7/8" ID of the inlet tube, see pics measured through the plastic bag.This makes it one of the largest diameter pipes avail. Very rare. $300.00 plus shipping for the pair, will not separate. Ideal for the twin nitro runner. These are heavier gage aluminum than MACS pipes.
  12. Rudy Formanek

    O.S. plugs for sale.

    You'll probably have better luck on an airplane site, like RCGRoups. Airplane guys love those plugs. https://www.rcgroups.com/aircraft-fuel-engines-and-accessories-fs-w-362/
  13. Rudy Formanek

    W.T.B. 7.5 K&B Outboard Header

    Got three of these headers from MACS Prod. $45.00 ea plus shipping $3.65. Paypal F&F or add 3.8%
  14. Rudy Formanek

    Pipes for twin hydro

    I have new Macs 1385 pipes, $110.00ea shipped probably got 1365's will look if you are interested.
  15. Rudy Formanek

    Looking for a Muck or Mack pipe ?

    Your pipe looks exactly like my OPS pipe, pretty sure it is an OPS pipe, all OPS pipes had that type of weld/braze in the middle. But so did the Picco and Rossi pipes of that era. Most Picco and Rossi pipes had some kind of coating or paint. Maybe Andy will be able to import that OPS pipe in the future.