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  1. Wally Marsh

    Dragon Repairs/rebuild

    Great workmanship Kris, and best of luck going for some new records! Wallster
  2. Wally Marsh

    old goat birthday Wally

    Thanks buddy, let’s end this winter and move on to early spring testing!
  3. Wally Marsh

    Happy Birthday Mark Voorhies

    Amen to that, so tired of this winter.
  4. Happy Birthday Brad!
  5. Wally Marsh

    Happy Birthday Mark Voorhies

    Wishing a big Happy Birthday to my buddy Mark! Wallster
  6. Wally Marsh

    Happy Birthday Alan Elzer!

    Wishing a big Happy Birthday to my good buddy Alan Elzer, enjoy your day!
  7. Wally Marsh

    Sam Bowden is getting older

    A big Happy Birthday to Sam - a good friend, husband, father, and boat racer extraordinaire! Wallster
  8. Wally Marsh

    Happy birthday Dick Tyndall

    A bit late but a big Happy Birthday to Mr. Turnfin, and many more! Wallster
  9. Wally Marsh

    Happy Birthday Mike Hughes

    Happy Birthday Mike, it was fun seeing you this year at the Nitro Nats! Wallster
  10. Wally Marsh

    Mike Walker building services

    This is great news Rod, best wishes for the upcoming testing, and yes Mike has helped me out on two builds the last couple years, he definitely does top notch work!
  11. Wally Marsh

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Jerry, that is also a really cool looking boat, a winner in both respects! Wallster
  12. Wally Marsh

    Sure seems dead around here.

    OK folks dont want to derail the discussion but intend to contribute to it. Ive been playing with, and racing, B sport and mod tunnels for many years now, even gotten to the podium more than once. As most you guys in this conversation know I am not a tunnel designer or builder (did build my Villian S1 from Mikes Kit, still love that boat!) but rather depend on you that do, including Tommy, Grim Racer, Carl, and Kris. And as you all know I do spend the time testing testing testing the whole combination to get a particular hull/motor to its best performance, at least within my capabilities. I think there are many who just wont take the time to know their boat and optimize it, just want to buy their way to the podium, and most fail with that mind set while missing out on a lot of fun. I am eternally grateful to all you (and many others) who have helped me along the way, and have in a BIG WAY allowed me to ENJOY this crazy hobby not just thrash around in disappointment. Enough said, time for group hug LOL The Wallster
  13. Wally Marsh

    Carbon fiber radio interference?

    Gil, maybe your boats run too fast for GPS to track - just a little humor from your friend on the top half of our world! Wallster
  14. Wally Marsh

    pistol grip transmitter

    Futaba x2