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  1. Sounds good to me Tom. PMing you my paypal info. Thanks, and can't wait for the race! Steve
  2. I'm not a wheel guy, so this has to go. A new 3PK Super transmitter, not a scratch or a mark on it, less than 5 minutes of time on it. Has the Fasst module, and rechargeable batteries. Includes the charger, manual, dry battery tray, drop down adapter, and the Futaba custom "Race Case" that is just for this radio (not a scratch or dent on it). I know this is a little old school, but is still a great radio, and it's NEW. There is NO receiver with it, you have to get your own. I can bring it with me to Florida for the Nitro Nationals race in Jan. SOLD plus shipping, paypal only please. Thanks, Steve Ball
  3. rctinman

    JAE 21 GT vs G2 Front Sponsons

    Hi Greg.. It won't be a problem fixing the ones I have. I'll be at the Nats in Huntsville next year. Looking forward to the social event! LOL Steve Ball
  4. rctinman

    JAE 21 GT vs G2 Front Sponsons

    Don't know what you're getting at Jeff, I paid, like everyone else.
  5. rctinman

    JAE 21 GT vs G2 Front Sponsons

    Great, I've got the crappy ones. Steve Ball
  6. rctinman

    Taig mill for sale SOLD

    It's a fancy apple corer! Steve Ball
  7. Hi Steve,

    Happy Holidays, If memory serves me you use to make custom fuel tanks. Where did or do you get your stock to build the tanks? I need (1) or possible (2) sheets 8.5x11 (the second sheet is if I backup) I need to build a tank for a Lee craft 21 outboard. I can get shim stock but it rusts.

    Second question: What paint are you using that is fuel proof (Nitro)

    Please let me know.


  8. rctinman

    2018 NAMBA Lone Star Nationals.

    Eric's win is well deserved. His boat is fast, and he is a FANTASTIC driver! BTW, Al drove the best I've ever seen him drive! Steve
  9. rctinman

    L/F Blazer Backlash KIT

    OK, I'll step up. I'll pay twice what you're asking for it! Steve
  10. rctinman

    SOLD NIB, CMB 21 Beta Goldhead

    Motor shipped. Thanks, Steve
  11. rctinman

    L/F Blazer Backlash KIT

    Going deeper into the dark side I see! LOL Steve
  12. rctinman

    SOLD NIB, CMB 21 Beta Goldhead

    Sorry Kevin, sent to Dave. All worked out. Thanks, Steve
  13. rctinman

    SOLD 12 McCoy #9 Plugs

  14. rctinman

    SOLD 12 McCoy #9 Plugs

    Josh, they're yours. Sending PM. Thanks, Steve
  15. rctinman

    SOLD NIB, CMB 21 Beta Goldhead

    PM sent. Thanks, Steve