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  1. John Beardslee


    I’ll ask and go from there. It’s been awhile and I don’t remember where we left off.
  2. John Beardslee


    Marty’s dyno needs new bearings but other than that I think it’s in tack. We talked about rebuilding it a few years ago when I started back racing boats but we haven’t gotten serious about it since.
  3. John Beardslee

    Prop Gauge

    Is Frank Orlic still making his? Or is it only available used from another modeler? I built my own back in the 70’s, it was extremely accurate and I could map an entire blade but it was tedious to use. I’ve been using one of Steve Wood’s gages for about 6 years now, great tool! Easy to use at the pond or workshop! Thanks John
  4. John Beardslee

    Motor location

    Scary stuff for sure!
  5. John Beardslee

    Motor location

    Is that RS damage from the earth quake? Seriously, if you like how the boat handled with the RS, then check where the CG was with it and do what you have to to get the same CG with the VAC. Thanks John
  6. John Beardslee

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

    Terry what material and how thick are you using to mount your hall affect sensor? On all my heli’s I’ve used G10 -1/16” or 3/32” depending on how far it has to reach the magnet. Always mounted to the engine lug. As you know the magnets also have to have the correct pole facing the pickup. I always epoxied the magnets in the flywheel and used lead shot of the same weight to balance the other side. Thanks John
  7. John Beardslee


    Ditto that!!! Great job! Thanks again for your service to IMPBA Juice!!!!!
  8. John Beardslee

    CAN AM 2019

    Sam It’s easy to get into Canada, hard to get back in the States! Seriously, you may want to make a list ahead of time, if you do get pulled out to be checked on your way in you’ll need to declare what you’re taking in an it needs to match what you’re returning with if you get pulled out on your return. It saves time at the boarder. The folks at customs are straight shooters so don’t go joking around. I found the experience to be no problem. I crossed 2 times a week for work for a number of years. From what I’ve heard the race is well worth it . It’s on my list for next year, all depends on how smooth our move from northern Michigan back downstate goes. Thanks John
  9. John Beardslee

    2019 5th Annual Winter Nitro Championship

    John did you connect with Marty regarding sponsorship? If not let me know and I can give you the details I used. Thanks John
  10. John Beardslee

    Roadrunner Twin 45 Extreme

    I’m lucky, I kinda get the best of both worlds by wintering in FL and the rest of the year in the north. Is your schedule going to allow you to at least stop by the Nitro Championships to say hi? Thanks John
  11. John Beardslee

    Roadrunner Twin 45 Extreme

    You missed it! It gets so cold up here we not only walk on water we can even drive the truck across the lake to our favorite fishing hole.
  12. John Beardslee

    Roadrunner Twin 45 Extreme

    Julian we’ll be able to walk on water up before long, can’t do that in FL.
  13. John Beardslee

    2019 5th Annual Winter Nitro Championship

    John I think the classes needing sponsorship are the ones in the first paragraph of Marty’s post. Thanks John
  14. John Beardslee

    Young boat racer

    Don’t think he was even shaving then!
  15. John Beardslee

    Identifying Nova .46 sleeves

    Hi Brandon Andy did some of the work on adding taper to the pistons of inventory that Glenn had at the time. You might want contact him and he may be able to help you identify if yours are in need of modification and may be able to do the work as well. Thanks John