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  1. PeteWeltyJr

    2018 Butch Fields Memorial Gas Clash

    All, Race registration is now available on RCRacingEvents.com. Thanks Pete
  2. Time to celebrate the life of Butch Fields Butch Fields Memorial Gas Clash Delmarva Model Boat Club 215 Cherry Lane Queenstown, Maryland May 18-20. 2018 Race registration is available on RCRacingEvents.com Contacts Danny Weimer (302) 249-4439 Ray Hotchkin (443) 523-9495 Classes and Sponsors LSG 26-27 Mono LSG 27.5-30 Mono LSG IMPBA Stock Mono - Sponsored by Lilly Sport Boats LSG 26-27 Cat LSG 27.5-30 Cat LSG 26-27 Sport Hydro - Sponsored by Russell Groft LSG 27.5-30 Sport Hydro LSG 26-27 Rigger LSG 27.5-30 Rigger LSG Twin Rigger - Sponsored by Charlie Ott LSG Tunnel Jersey Skiff - Sponsored by Don McGurn Crackerbox Offshore (With a left turn) Gas Scale Thunderboat - Sponsored by Ray Hotchkin New Classes this year P Hydro - Sponsored by Antonio Reed B Mod Tunnel King of the Lake (Open to all electric, Gas, and Nitro boats) - Sponsored by John Booker Donations Brian Blazer - Backlash kit Ondrea Williams - Cash If you are interested in sponsorship or donations, Please contact Danny Weimer. More details to come...
  3. PeteWeltyJr

    Happy Birthday Don Ferrette

    Don, Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day...
  4. PeteWeltyJr

    Southeastern Outboard Race Pics...

    Hope you enjoy...
  5. PeteWeltyJr

    Southeastern Outboard Race Pics...

    Still more to come...