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  1. This off topic but I think we have answered the timing question so about the crank and P/S fit, back when I got my first air cooled O/S outboard engine I saw that there was no hole for rod bushing too. I wondered why they would leave it out and thought that they should not have removed it but I have not had a bushing failure and have not heard of any problems outside of an expected or typical amount of wear. I have seen the "out of the bag P/S fit" loosen up as well and hoped that it was just a batch related QC issue but the removed oil hole and loosened P/S fit came along about the same time. Was this P/S fit adjusted intentionally by O/S due to the missing oil hole and less oil getting to the rod bushing during break in? Who knows? With no part failures the engine is still very reliable but the light fit will break in fast (within 3 to 5 tanks of fuel) and will not stand many sags in the corners. I would advise people who mix there own fuel not to go too light on your oil content with these light fit P/S sets. Hopefully we will see the fit tighten up a little bit soon. In a perfect world, I like my "out of the bag" piston to tighten up just short of the top of the sleeve when pushed through by hand. These light fit P/S engines are very fast you just need to be aware that the fit is quite fragile and don't use up all of your needle unless you really need to. -Carl
  2. Carl Van Houten

    Ride pad dimension's for .21 size tunnel hull 's ?

    What Bill has told you is good advise. There is a lot going on when a tunnel boat starts its transition into the turns and there are some boats out there that are ill handling due to a variety of possible design related issues. Not to imply that the W.O.F. boat you are planning to work on is one of these but for a design that is way off, nothing in the way of spin pads will transform it into a great turning boat so just be aware of that and don't get discouraged when trying different things that don't seem to help or that make things worse. You can learn a lot by experimenting with pads. -Carl
  3. I don't have any of the water cooled power heads to look at anymore but I think the original cranks did not have the turbo cut. -Carl
  4. Be careful in the heat of the summer with the air cooled engine. Just a little over the needle and you will loose your piston and liner fit. If you hear it sag in the corners don't keep running it without adjusting the needle richer. It's best to keep a slight crackle in the engine unless you are racing. -Carl
  5. Carl Van Houten

    Prop Gauge

    Terry, have you made any progress on the project you were working on a few months back? It started out as a mystery project and you had some X&Y axis slides made...maybe I missed it. -Carl
  6. Carl Van Houten


    We bought 5 of them. No moisture problems yet. They work well for us. I may go ahead and spray mine too.
  7. Carl Van Houten

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    GREAT! It will be a good place to turn them loose. Who will be running them?
  8. Carl Van Houten

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    Bring it to SOWEGA in May and let's see how it stacks up with that crowd. Oh, your on/off switch is on the wrong side. LOL Come on Bill...you know better than that.
  9. Carl Van Houten

    StumpFAB's new twin Q tunnel build.

    Thanks Joey. It is an experiment on my part. That cowling plug and mold was a lot easier to build than the 470 was. James has taken the project by the horns and spared no expense in rigging it with some well thought out stuff. I am working on a tweaked version of the LSG Version 450 for Bobby and his is the 6th and final prototype boat. Then its time to wet them down and see if one of them has the right stuff.
  10. Carl Van Houten

    StumpFAB's new twin Q tunnel build.

    Thanks for the pictures James. Since these pictures of the 450 have been posted I have gotten quite a few calls for this kit. I hate to tell people this but this is a prototype kit at this time. Once we run these six boats and make a call on them we will give the laser the go ahead and put them in stock and give the details to boaters on the Manufactures Section. It should not be long now because things are moving along. Great job guys! -Carl
  11. Carl Van Houten

    StumpFAB's new twin Q tunnel build.

    Isn't R/C tunnel boat racing a wonderful sickness...LOL You will have to make sure that you have a nice clear lane before you hit the trigger because the point A to point B factor is going to be NUTS! I'm ready to see it too. -Carl
  12. Carl Van Houten

    Stock 20 Tunnel

    That O/S V II is fast once you get it broken in. Are you going to be racing it or just paying around?
  13. Carl Van Houten

    .21 outboad Whats the best servo to suit.

    Lohring has it spot on. Take a few extra arms and go race!
  14. Carl Van Houten


    Yes, I probably knew before most did but thanks for letting me know. Didn't I meet you in Elisabeth City at one of Kentley Porter's time trials?
  15. Carl Van Houten


    For the LSG guys who haven't already heard, the LSG O/B Tunnel Class has passed! -Carl