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  1. Scott Schneider

    Saw rigger crash!

    On the pipe = FLY like a bird ... oups !
  2. Scott Schneider

    How Fast has a 40 Roadrunner Gone ??

    Personally done @ 89/90mph with a RR 40 UL and heavily modified Picco p-45 running the rare Octura 2352 Never raced it set up like this but was running at the test pond one day screwing around and had the radar gun with us. Slow to get going, but once staged on the pipe ... just wow !!
  3. Scott Schneider

    Roadrunner Twin 21

    Damn Julian, props need to be a tad lower or a bit of lift taken out IMO ... Otherwise Hot Damm !!!
  4. Scott Schneider

    Roadrunner Twin 21

    Scott, It is Bobby Caudill and he built my very first Roadrunner, a 45, in 1993. All of the rest of my Roadrunners have been built by Ralph. Yup, original hull acquired circa 1991/93 ... where the hell does the time go ?
  5. Scott Schneider

    Roadrunner Twin 21

    Too funny !! .... Julian just contacted me about his little RR twin Sure enough started life with me being a custom tub I built based off an original Bobby Cauldil ( Spelled wrong I'm sure ) built gen 1 Road runner. It's first lease on life looked like this ....
  6. Scott Schneider

    questions for those who have built twins

    Could not resist ... Not all twins are alki/nitro or 2 engines ... zoom zoom
  7. Scott Schneider

    Why do we race clockwise???

    Some place an honestly ignorant question gets a straight answer ... guess not this time or place Frankly think the toilet water spin sums it up nicely ... and down the shitter we go
  8. Scott Schneider

    Off Topic,.. makeing trouble in the neighborhood

    Knowing WHO your enemies are when the new guy on the block is the tough part. That said tho, talk to your neighbors and see how friendly they actually are and forthcoming they share dirt on others in the neighborhood. Find the offending party and it WILL stop, those who typically toss the most rocks live in the most fragile houses .... funny how that is.
  9. Scott Schneider

    Is This Piston and Liner FUBAR?

    Wally, I did / do so figuring ALL the sharp edges around port windows act like squeegee edges peeling the oil film away. A ever so slight bevel / broken edge allows the piston to better float on the oil film present. Doing this for years now have indeed seen less burnish type wear on pistons and service life is much enhanced.
  10. Scott Schneider

    Mr. Jim Wilson Hospitalized

    I too just spent the weekend with Jim and we chatted quite a bit never having health issues arise ... damn, speedy recovery my friend !
  11. Scott Schneider

    Banned From IW

    Very well done .... O' the drama of it all !!
  12. Gerald, You so far have done NOTHING or contacted me about our dealings. What really shows your character is your claiming I switched hardware to make deal look worse than it was ... you are truly a nut job stating such nonsense. As for the usability of the hull and it's build quality the pictures posted speak volumes the hull is not worthy of being sold to anyone at any price. I stated this before and will again ... You can refund my money minus the shipping fees of @ $35.00 So that would be $130.00. No need to post my PP account info here, you already have that. So if you think collectively all those burned by yourself and Mike are not going to lump you both together and go after you both your mistaken and not heard the last of this. Scott
  13. Yup .... Those of you who placed Gerald on the safety ladder while dismissing those fellow IW members ripped off should be ashamed for being so ignorant and short sighted. Nuf said ...
  14. Scott Schneider

    Getting cocky during the victory lap!

    Look at it his way .... proved your just a big kid, got a Woodie and lost it
  15. Scott Schneider

    is this sport dying?

    As we collectively as a district have shrunk due too few ponds for newbee's getting there boats wet gaining experience. Years past most clubs and outlying areas had ponds, lake access allowing the local hobby shops to sell R/C boats. Now days the legal issues of having public access to water let alone running R/C boats has all but dried up. If would be a safe bet that if you as an R/C boater has or can get easy water access your growth in membership likely is still strong.