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  1. Will Gallagher

    Hall of Fame Inductee

    Well deserved and earned! Congratulations!
  2. Will Gallagher

    For sale 30.5 Zenoah motor & pipe

    No worries, I understand. My offer is firm Will
  3. Will Gallagher

    For sale 30.5 Zenoah motor & pipe

    I will take the engine for $350 shipped to 75220
  4. Will Gallagher

    Shaft issues

    Who manufactured the shaft???
  5. Will Gallagher

    U10 Winston Eagle Lobster

    No butter or lube given, it's all part of the experience when buying a Pinarello......
  6. Will Gallagher

    U10 Winston Eagle Lobster

    I have (2) props that I will include in the sale
  7. Will Gallagher

    U10 Winston Eagle Lobster

    For reference sake I have shipped to Gilbert a number of times. Always a pleasure to deal with. Bill, Gilbert is one of the most deserving of this beautiful boat. The issue is shipping. It is extremely expensive to ship and insure something of this size internationally. I don't want anything to happen to it.. Its bad enough shipping within the US.....
  8. Will Gallagher

    U10 Winston Eagle Lobster

    I have decided to sell my Phil Thomas U10 Winston Eagle Lobster. It is my understanding that it was built by Tim Kish who has done a beautiful job finishing this Hull. The attention to detail is second to none. Truly a concourse winning build by one of the best in our hobby. The boat is complete less engine and pipe. I would recommend upgrading the RX and Battery. The boat will ship in two boxes and Buyer to pay actual Shipping and insurance costs. I will NOT ship outside of the USA. $1600 + PayPal fees, actual shipping and insurance. Thanks for looking W
  9. Will Gallagher

    Power Products Marlin

    What ever happened to Howard and Beverly Power?? I can remember having dinner at their home when we raced in seaside 1978 / 79? Really nice people......
  10. Will Gallagher

    Looking for OD89's

    How many are you looking for?
  11. Will Gallagher

    Drive Dog Size

    You need to run a 3/16 drive dog. The 1662 (3/16 hub) will NOT mate up with a drive dog on the 1/4 part of the shaft. I have a good number of Andy Brown 1662 props with 3/16 hubs if you are interested W
  12. Will Gallagher

    octura twin wing ding

    That is Gina DaLarra holding her Dad's (Garry) Wingding. His boats were always painted and polished to perfection.
  13. Will Gallagher

    octura twin wing ding

    Very Cool!
  14. Will Gallagher

    E hydro pipes

    CMB Fat Pipe. I have a new Ceramic coated one available...
  15. Will Gallagher

    Aerosol Paint Jobs

    Klass Koat is very reasonably priced and you can spray it using a Preval Sprayer.