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  1. Al Waters

    NAMBA Membership Portal

    Hello J.R. not a problem. That is not the only grief Cox has given me. I discovered that the periods between your J and R are the issue. The programmers are on another project at the moment and it might take a few days to fix. So what I have done is remove the periods in your first name for the moment. You can now process your membership using JR Caines and no periods on the electronic signature. When I print your 2019 NAMBA Membership card, I will print using J.R. Caines I will then follow up with the programmers. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Al Waters
  2. Al Waters

    NAMBA Membership Portal

    Hello J.R. , the namba@cox.net e-mail is a forward to my original which is namba883@cox.net Your kick back on the e-mail may be a Cox ISP thing or just an Internet ISP thing all together. I have no idea on that one. I have had a couple of people bring that to my attention. However, I did get your e-mails and I did reply to you just moments a go with a fix. You are correct in your assessment. It could be in the programming with your first name having periods between your J and R. I have the programmers working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Al Waters
  3. Al Waters

    2018 NAMBA Lone Star Nationals.

    That is not correct according to the April 2018 NAMBA Propwash.
  4. Al Waters

    SIMPLE - Legal Mono or Not?

    Where the break is located, is it considered part of the riding or wetted surface at planing speed?
  5. Nice to see the NAMBA Nats in the midwest. Count me in Oscar. Thanks, Al Waters
  6. Al Waters

    2017 NAMBA Nationals Las Vegas SUPERNATS

    My entry has not been sent in as of yet as I am testing my nitro scale to be sure that I have a boat that runs so my vote should not count at this time. However, I know the speeds of what an FE scale boat is capable of doing following NAMBA battery power rules. A nitro scale would not stand a chance in my opinion even properly set up. Thanks, Al Waters
  7. Al Waters

    2017 NAMBA Nationals Las Vegas SUPERNATS

    Hello Richard, the answer is yes. He can do it on the NAMBA membership portal by creating a Single Event Membership. I will pass that information on to the Nationals committee. The url is http://member.namba.com/ If he is thinking of staying for the awards banquet, please contact me at namba@cox.net and maybe I can be of some more help to you. Thanks, Al Waters
  8. Al Waters

    Namba April Propwash

    I really do apologize Lohring. I upgraded MS Publisher to a newer version and it has this little trick where when I go from the printed version black and white pictures to replace with color version pictures, it is supposed to do them all at once with one click. I will fix this. I have a feeling that the printed version Propwash out for mailing will be correct. Thanks, Al Waters
  9. Al Waters

    Namba insurance.

    I hope all is good here. The NAMBA membership list in PDF for full memberships and Single Event Memberships is updated every day that I process a membership. The Contest Director and District Director can rely on that list that a person is insured. This helps those who wait until the last minute to obtain insurance or while the mailed membership card is on its way to the member. It also provides the ability for anyone hosting a race to verify membership after their race entry deadline and before race day. Makes checking in on race day so much easier for those involved.. Please treat this card like your driver license or health card. Don't leave home without it. There are times you will need it outside of race events. Thanks, Al Waters NAMBA Executive Secretary namba@cox.net 760-522-9138
  10. Al Waters

    How to pay Namba fee without paypal

    You can log in to your profile and go to Manage My Memberships Click on the Notepad (Edit) icon which is to the right of the View (eyeball) icon Change your e-mail address and update the changes. Or you can e-mail me a namba@cox.net and I can change it for you. Thanks, Al Waters
  11. Al Waters

    How to pay Namba fee without paypal

    Rick, on Friday of last week, you should have received an e-mail with a secure link that would have taken you to your membership portal to renew your membership. You would not even had to log in remembering your user name and password. You would review your personal information so that your membership card would be mailed to the correct address. You then would type your name (electronic signature) agreeing with the terms and conditions of the acknowledgement form. That would take you to the payment page where you can pay by PayPal or click on the icon link that says that you prefer to mail a check. If you select mail a check, you will receive an e-mail indicating where to mail your membership payment. Just print a copy of that e-mail and enclose your payment. When you get the payment page, and prefer to not use PayPal, not mail a check because you want your membership processed quicker, you can call the NAMBA office and use your credit card over the telephone. If you prefer to not use any of the above methods, you can download and print the 2017 NAMBA Membership Application from the Resources drop down tab on the NAMBA web site. Most all of this information was in the October 2016 Propwash. Hopefully, all possibilities have been covered. If you have any problems at all, please call the NAMBA office. Thanks, Al Waters
  12. Al Waters

    State of Affairs for RC Boat Racing

    What I like is that the racing in different areas is different. I have raced full mill, half mill, quarter mill, and mandatory of those mills during the entire start clock. Committed lane at 5 seconds and committed lane at the exit of the right hand turn. On plane, off plane and all that stuff. Audio clock and floating clock. Nobody really likes change because it takes us out of our comfort zone. Nobody really likes coming in second place either so they are the ones who come up with rule proposals to give them a better shot at the winners. Two things I have discovered in my model boating years. The guys who beat me were always willing to help me with my boats to make them better. There have been many but Jerry Crowther in Nitro and Dale Roberts in Gas come to mind first. They were also willing to sell me their winning boat complete at a fair price at any time. Granted that gives me a winning boat but that doesn't give me lane one. Do I want a rule that will give me lane one or should I practice and learn how to get lane one. Since only one boat can have lane one, I learned how to race when I am any of the other boats when lane one is not available. I feel that I should work for it and it not be handed to me. More power to those that have the better running boats and can get lane one. They are reaping the benefits of their time and expense. I just need to work harder to be like them. For those who feel that they don't have a chance against those that always win and get lane one, maybe the Stock mono, Crackerbox, or Jersey Skiff which I think are a little more forgiving for those who want lane one might be the way to go. And I have all three of those boats for when that day comes when I get tired of getting beat by those better than me. I went to race in Pecos in D7 recently (I reside in D19) because a lot of their boaters support our races. They did something that I had not seen before at a district race. Similar to what some of the big one off races do with the Winner Take All heats. It was not a large race but it was fun and it was different. They awarded trophies to first and second place to each class. Jay Stone and David Wale handled that so you know that they were nice trophies. Any class that had two or more heats, took the top six boats in points and had a Winner Take All race for an additional first place trophy. When I had a good day in a particular class, I still never took first place. However, there were a couple of classes that I dumped a heat and still made the top six so I had an additional shot at a trophy. For those who may be concerned where winning is important, they provided those opportunities at their race. Overall points for the day and a Winner Take All heat. Where my weekend thrill came to pass at this race win or lose was who I raced against. It seemed like every heat I was in, I raced the likes of Dale Roberts, Jerry Wright, Lenny Blake, David Wale, Jerry Roberts, and or Jay Stone (and there were a few others). Now that is racing. Do I want a rule that will give me a better chance with those guys other than straight up head to head racing? I would rather try and beat them with my boat and my driving skills (or lack there of) one on one. The additional race just made it that much more fun. Thanks, Al Waters
  13. Al Waters


    Hello Everyone, One thing I would like for everyone to keep in mind is that you have not seen the proposal yet other than the submitting NAMBA District 20. The NAMBA Propwash newsletter is at the printer and currently being distributed to the mailing house. It will also be available in color, later next week on the NAMBA web site. NAMBA voting will be available on the Membership Portal as has been in the past and through directions followed on the paper ballot. Here is something that needs to be considered. The writing of the proposal is about online voting. However, you must read the entire proposal. You need to determine if you agree with all of its content. If you do, then you would vote yes. If there is something that makes you want to say, I agree but it would better if they changed that little part, then you would vote no. It's all or nothing. You are probably wondering what in the heck am I talking about? My comments can be addressed next week after you have read the proposal. All I ask is that you keep an open mind until you read the proposal. Thanks, Al Waters NAMBA Executive Secretary
  14. Al Waters

    A trophy choice

    Ken Olson from NAMBA District 8 recently supplied me with trophies for our Nitro/FE/Scale points race series. I put him on short notice and he really came through for me. I have seen his work cutting modern and vintage hydroplane boats for trophies but my request went a step further. I wanted trophies with boats applicable to the class that was run and the winners NAMBA numbers to be attachable for identification. I also wanted to present the trophies at the last race of the season. Which also meant cutting NAMBA numbers for those who were in the hunt at the last race. These are not your usual standard plaque trophies. Hydroplanes, mono hulls, Crackerbox, Jersey Skiff, outriggers, and tunnel hulls. If I needed U, JS or P numbers, Ken really came through. 17 trophies and 54 NAMBA numbers. I want to say thanks to Ken. He did a very nice job and gave us another choice for trophies. Al Waters
  15. Sam, Wes Jordan who is the District 17 Director is the Contest Director. I have not seen anything. E-mail me at namba@cox.net. Thanks, Al Waters