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  1. Don Ferrette

    CMB Alpha 27 Evo

    Pete my friend I think we can do that for you.
  2. Don Ferrette

    Nascar engine shop auction

    Drooling over that big block Chevy Kinsler fuel injection set up. Man do I miss those days.......
  3. Don Ferrette

    CMB Alpha 27 Evo

    Original post updated with reply I got from Stu this morning.
  4. Don Ferrette

    CMB Alpha 27 Evo

    Mike it is here with me in Virginia.
  5. Don Ferrette

    CMB Alpha 27 Evo

    For Sale - NEW in the box CMB Alpha Evo 27cc gas motor with all the updates for this version. Selling this for Paul Stirton, only taken out of box for pics. Includes CMB header no pipe (Stu has the pipes). $725 plus postage. UPDATE - reply I got this morning (12/8) from Stu - Don, Updated crank, piston and liner. Has a .750” bore Tillitson carb. Stu
  6. Don Ferrette


    Yeah it was. I was typing a post on what I knew about it (and who originally owned it) and it was sold before I even got to post my reply.
  7. Don Ferrette

    RIP - Mort of Crown Hobbies

    We received this message- Hello My name is Donna Ray, had the Hobby Nut in Miami Fl a while ago. I do not know if you all are aware that Mort of Crown Hobbies past away last week. He was known to all hobbyists for such a long time. Loved boats the most. Just wanted to let everyone know. There will be a celebration of life in January after the holidays. You can contact me. My email is drlovely470@yahoo.com
  8. Don Ferrette


    Looks more like a 36" Sprintcat with the "classic" cowl. Hatch cut out for pipe has an extra "notch" on the right for pressure tap clearance.
  9. Don Ferrette


    Pic is there. As per I/W rules you need to add your full name so it appears in your signature line. We can also add it for you, just p/m me the info. Thanks.
  10. Don Ferrette

    Auctioning Sonny Barrett's Boat and Parts Collection

    Cool, must have been the camera angle. I'll ask around up this way.
  11. Don Ferrette

    Auctioning Sonny Barrett's Boat and Parts Collection

    Not a one point hydro guy but........... I will say I don't think mount is set up for a 101 as the stuffing tube/shaft appear to be cut too far back from the motor mount. Maybe a VAC91??
  12. Don Ferrette

    Christmas give away

    It always starts the end of Thanksgiving weekend and this year is no exception, take a click over to the For Sale section.
  13. Yup, it's that time of year so here we go- the 2018 Christmas Giveaway!! The rules are the same as they've always been- 1- Post what you want to give away, someone else then posts that they want that gift. 2- ONLY ONE GIFT TO BE TAKEN PER PERSON, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! 3- ONLY I/W members may participate. No participating on behalf of a non-member friend. 4- The gift giver specifies how shipping will be handled (who pays). 5- NO ASKING FOR A SPECIFIC GIFT that has not been offered. Example: don't post something like "I need a CMB 67 piston and sleeve, who has one?" 6- You may give as many gifts as you want. But you can only receive a gift ONE TIME. 7- Please behave like adults. We admins will not police this thing or settle arguments, but we will make additional rules if needed. So now we can bring some good into each others lives and maybe just for a little while forget about how so much of the world has lost focus on what's really important- people!! Merry Christmas to all and let the fun begin.........
  14. Don Ferrette

    Auctioning Sonny Barrett's Boat and Parts Collection

    This is like watching an Ebay auction.
  15. Don Ferrette

    Auctioning Sonny Barrett's Boat and Parts Collection

    Yeah his membership didn't go thru because he didn't follow the rules and used just his first name. Please let him know his display/sign in name will be DarrenWinn (no space) and he should be able to log on.