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  1. Don Ferrette

    45 pipes

    Done. Paypal on the way.
  2. Don Ferrette

    45 pipes

    Paul I'll offer $40 shipped on the Rossi pipe.
  3. Don Ferrette

    Misc. Nitro and Gas Pipes For Sale

    I'll take #10 please
  4. So back to the original Q- is McCoy history??
  5. Don Ferrette

    Look for X467/2 or X670/2

    I bet Mark Sholund has what you need.
  6. Don Ferrette

    Look for A\A 45 Nitro Speed pipe

  7. Don Ferrette

    Look for A\A 45 Nitro Speed pipe

    It's VERY close. I just tested one before the weather turned and it works quite well.
  8. Don Ferrette

    1/8 Scale Hydro

    Hey Tom, Will's Winston Eagle lobster boat passed thru my hands on the way to him, you will not be disappointed!
  9. Don Ferrette

    CMB fat belly pipes

    I found the fat belly pipes to be even more "peaky" than the parabolic.
  10. Don Ferrette

    1/8 Scale Hydro

    Click on this link- https://www.intlwaters.com/index.php?/topic/74798-u10-winston-eagle-lobster/ Tom has first option as this is his thread. If he passes on it you're up.
  11. Don Ferrette

    LF Speedmaster mini 21 rudder

    Anyone got one of these in good shape kicking around they don't need? I know I could buy a new one but it's for something that may or may not work. Don't need transom bracket, only blade/pivot block just like in the pic.
  12. Don Ferrette

    Electric sport 20

    Steve I can tell you from first hand experience if you don't mind gluing some wood together the ML kits are the way to go. I built the 20 size in FE for my wife and I just finished a new nitro sport 40 for myself for the upcoming season that is ballistic. Brad Maglinger has been cleaning up with his ML nitro sport 20 as well for the last 2 seasons. Laser cutting is top notch and super easy to build, hardest part is waiting for epoxy to dry so you can keep going. Build it exactly like the directions tell you and it's a winner.
  13. Don Ferrette

    1/10 scale Homestreet hydroplane

    Really nice, who makes the hull?
  14. Don Ferrette

    FUTABA T4PKSR + 2 rx's

    Don't see it on my end
  15. Don Ferrette

    Soldering Jig for 1/4" flex cable

    Works for me, p/m me your Paypal info.