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  1. ButchLaPorte

    d2race 2018 DASH Wheel Sprint .

    Thanks for the kind words guys . great to have you there .
  2. ButchLaPorte

    d2race 2018 DASH Wheel Sprint .

    Open hydro added . shapping up to a good race .
  3. ButchLaPorte

    District 2 Challenge

    Mike put me in lsg mono and rigger . dsm. Thanks .
  4. ButchLaPorte

    45 twin new build

    John conrad ring a bell? I belive it was one of walkers put not sure . next time i see him i will aak .
  5. ButchLaPorte

    45 twin new build

    Used 2.4 props from Beardlee's prop service, .....went through the timing course at 80mph+ at Thread Lake with them back then. Ran 1662's in heat racing. Boat was real fun to drive.... John, there were a heck of a lot of twins for sure back then....remember the twin called the Black Russian? Sure do, it was Ron Walkers second geared twin (Bridge style) Beat it a few times with my 46 twins. I think it was all in the props, of course Ron was running good props as well. Fun times and great memories for sure. You and your Dad were a part of that fabric that has made D2 a pinnacle in model boating history. Thanks John john i belive there is a geared twin still hanging on a wall in Windsor .
  6. ButchLaPorte

    d2race 2018 DASH Wheel Sprint .

    Come on guys get on the list .
  7. ButchLaPorte

    d2race 2018 DASH Wheel Sprint .

    Jim could you enter on race masters please . thanks .
  8. ButchLaPorte

    2018 Hydrofest, Burton MI- August 12

    Jim mono and rigger
  9. ButchLaPorte

    d2race 2018 DASH Wheel Sprint .

    thanks Chris we will get you and Andrew on the list .
  10. ButchLaPorte

    d2race 2018 DASH Wheel Sprint .

    I think tony can put you in .
  11. ButchLaPorte

    d2race 2018 DASH Wheel Sprint .

    pack the car and come on down . now we just need people to sighn up .
  12. ButchLaPorte

    d2race 2018 DASH Wheel Sprint .

    I hope you can . about time to run some boats close to the home town . lol
  13. 2018 Dashwheel Sprint Sunday, September 9th, 2018 Thru Sunday, September 9th, 2018 Entries: 2 Drivers, 4 Boats Event Host: Southern Ontario Model Boat Club 519-728-0758 (Email) IMPBA Sanctioned Event Location: Tilbury Northside Park 149 Queen Street N Tilbury, Ontario N0P 2L0. Map | Directions Search for Hotel Accomodations Expedia | Priceline | Orbitz | Hotels.com | Trivago EVENT DETAILS Registration Fee: $5 Boat Fee: $10 Per Boat Junior Boater Registration Fee: $0 Junior Boater Boat Fee: $0 Per Boat Entry Cutoff:@ 12:00 am (EST) on 09/08/2018 Last Day Before Late Fee: 09/08/2018 Late Fee: $0 Single Event Insurance Fee is: $10 NOTE: GUEST Contestants the Host Club should be charging for Single Event Insurance and should have the forms at the Event for you to fill out. For more Info on the IMPBA Visit IMPBA.NET All drivers will receive a free lunch from the Dashwheel Diner, additionally food will be available for purchase. $15 for first boat, $10 for all others Go-Live cut-off is September 8 by this date there must be (3) paid registered boats to run the class. We will accept walk up registrations for live classes up until the day before the race. Classes are flexible and can be added if we have 3 boats registered. Open water Saturday September 8 begins after setup until 5 pm. Racing begins Sunday morning at 8:30 am drivers meeting at 8:15. Park gate closes at 6 pm Saturday to drive in traffic, as per Municipality regulations. Alcohol is prohibited in the park as per Provincial law. Primary CD Bill Green wgreen000@cogeco.ca
  14. motor city guys and gals.Great day thanks for putting on a great race.warm weather.great water.great food.My boats did not run very well but i did pretty good with the raffle.ThankYou.
  15. ButchLaPorte

    Celina Summer Challenge XXVI

    Did you get my payment ? thru paypal .made mistake in sending . you should have it now .